Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Tenth, #2!

Oh my word, it's been so long since oH mY wORD has had a new post! That's because (brace yourselves for the shock) I have been super busy! This weekend we celebrated #2's tenth birthday. I love that kid! Since this was a real milestone birthday we had a big party at the Kidmazium in Palmyra with 20 or so of her closest friends. I highly, strongly recommend having a party there. We brought all of our things in and were prepared to take it all up to our "party room" when they stopped us at the front desk and instructed us to just leave it there and they would take it to the party room and set it all up. I was like "whoa, nice". They were so helpful and they played games with the kids. When it was all over they cleaned everything up and brought all the gifts and leftover supplies/food down to the lobby for us. All with a smile and I was like "whoa, sweet". Well worth the money and the kids had a blast. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. I fear I have grown too old to come up with the elaborate at home parties that we had when they were fact, I have started wondering what it will feel like to be a grandmother one day and the thought isn't nearly as horrifying as it was 5 years ago.

Okay, that was a strange sounding confession.....I'm not advocating any of my children getting married and making me a grandmother anytime soon. I guess I'm getting older, they are getting older and my elaborate castle cakes and princess costume birthday party days may be coming to an end which can only mean one thing. What that "thing" is yet, I haven't figured out. I know, deep stuff. What can I say? 22 kids screaming in a Kidmazium has turned my brain to mush tonight.

Happy Birthday, my dear sweet #2. Amazing child, really. Nothing ordinary about her. People comment so much on her beauty, yet it isn't until you know her that you realize how beautiful she really is. I often wonder if she will be a judge, a pastor, or head of the Red Cross. Her heart knows no limit of compassion (she gets upset when they show videos of people getting hurt on AFV). She is bright and her love language is affection, which is a true test to me because mine is not. When she wedges herself between me and the cart when I am trying to fly through the grocery store in less than five minutes, I have to be very careful not to hurt her feelings by pushing her out of the way! I call her my tree monkey because she will jump on me and wrap her legs around me and want me to just carry her around like that. all. day. I love her beyond words!

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Promises Fulfilled said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, #2! :) I have a little "tree monkey" too (my 19 month old) - I have said to my mom that if I let him, he would love me to carry him around like that all day long! I am kinda savoring it though - I think it is part of my love language too...and I won't be able to hold him like that forever! :)