Friday, January 9, 2009

We Interrupt The Shack Discussion for Some Necessary Fluff

I have purposely been waiting to post again about The Shack because I know some of you have been trying to read it and I don't want to get ahead of you.

Plus, I felt it was important that I post the following:


1. The rodeo

2. The milk shakes (I prefer a mix of 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate)

3. The giant butter sculpture

4. Petting the cows

5. The chocolate cake contest (they cut them all after judging and you can grab a few to sample)

6. The honey ice cream on a waffle drizzled with more honey that #2 and I always share. You know you put enough honey on it when your teeth hurt.

** is anyone seeing a food theme here???***

7. Getting a picture with the alpacas

8. Watching the chicks hatch

9. The Food Court

10. The fact that I don't need to take a stroller with me anymore

The Farm Show runs the 10-17th and there is so much to see and do we usually go two days. I actually take my girls out of school for a 1/2 day during the week when it is less crowded and make them learn something while we're there (weekend trips are mainly for eating and rodeo). Then, we can accurately call it an educational trip!

If you're not afraid of animal poop and a high calorie count, check out this year's PA Farm'll be glad you did. Just be prepared to park and be shuttled over and well... it smells. So, if you're planning to go out anywhere afterward you may want to try washing the horse/goat/cow/chicken smell off of you.

If you've been to the Farm Show, what are some of your favorites?


Anonymous said...

No fear of poop...or high calories. In fact, I enjoy high calories. ;)

However, would you believe...I've lived here in Central PA for 27 years and have yet to go to the farm-show. In fact...I didn't even know where the farm show building was until about 5 years ago.

Call me weird....

I am sure I'd enjoy it - but for some reason, I've just never been there. :o

Thanks for the information.

Livin' Life said...

It's so funny when I grew up in NJ we were at the Farm Show every year. I road in the Rodeo, and showed sheep and even took class trips from NJ to it. But since we moved up here I have never been. Just never had the time.