Monday, February 28, 2011

TurboFire - Day 6 (And, A Quick Miscellaneous Thought)

Sorry that I am boring you with these daily exercise/dieting updates. But, I'm really shocked that I haven't fallen off the wagon.  And despite it going well, I'm actually not much in the mood to talk about it.

There seems to be so much transitioning, especially with my girls.  They are living in the valleys and on the mountain tops recently and I am becoming drained.  The weight of responsibility of being their mom is weighing on me.  Am I doing enough (or, too much?)? Am I praying enough? Did I say the right thing?  Argh. They sure are not getting any younger (and, neither am I!) and I am trying to let go and hold on at the same time. 

It is definitely one of those times to press into God.  His word, His promises, and His love outshine all the questions and uncertainty.  He creates a perspective that is the valleys and on the mountain tops. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

TurboFire - Days 3 thru 5

I like it! 

I really like it!

I feel great.  I have been eating well (no sugar!) and doing the TurboFire workouts and I have so much energy that I jump out of bed each morning (after I push the snooze button 2-7 times).

It is not easy, but a very simple conviction struck me this week:

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than I eat.

That's pretty profound, I know.  Actually I have know that for a long time, but I was hoping for some quick fixes and a revolutionary "Cake Diet" to be discovered.

Weekends have always been a struggle for me overeating and choosing foods that are filled with empty calories (can we say Comfort Food?).  With God's grace I had a successful weekend and I feel really good. And, each time I work out, it is encouragement for me to eat healthier. 

I've decided that life is too short to be stuck feeling uncomfortable and worn out.  I want to have the energy I need to do all that God has set before me each day....and, I want to buy a pair of skinny jeans. 

Well....just kidding about the jeans! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem (TurboFire - Day 2)

My DVD players are both malfunctioning.  So, I made it halfway through a workout tonight before I gave up because the screen froze every 6.3 seconds while I was in some horrible position that should only be held for a count or two and not ten seconds. 

No worries. I made up for the missing part of the workout by eating only enough food to sustain a hamster today.

Tomorrow, on my way home from work I will be purchasing a new DVD player and I will be back in action.  I have to admit I like (not love) the workouts so far despite the fact that they are so difficult to perform gracefully for a woman of my size/age/coordination.  And, the fact that my awkward attempts at following along flashes me back to watching my mom Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons on VHS.

It has been entertaining and horrifying at the same time listening to the noises my body makes doing these workouts.  Will the clicking and crunching noises eventually stop or is this bone grinding on bone and I should be scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic?   It's too soon to tell.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TurboFire - Day One

Well, I didn't die.

But, I can barely move my arms to type this post.

The Husband and I (and some of our children when they feel like it) have embarked upon the TurboFire journey.  I'm not sure, but for my entire day I think I only consumed about 1/3 of the calories that were on my first plate of food on Christmas day.  I'm getting the sugar-withdrawal headache.  I know from experience that it gets real bad before it gets better.

Because I don't have enough to do with parenting, work and school. They say it will reduce stress, but if I can't do things like move my arms and stuff for a few days, that may cause me a little stress.  'Cause I need to be able to move my arms to do things like brush my teeth and you know, drive a car.

In reality, my clothes are fitting a little a lot snug (and, let's not mention the clothes I have pushed to the back of my closet).  So, this is a good thing.


Good times.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chatty McChatterbox


I miss the days of blogging regularly, for fun, when I don't have to insert citations and make sure that my posts are Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced APA style.  I'd post my papers that I write for classes, but then my seven regular followers would probably drop to negative two.

But, I am not complaining.  College is swell.

I have decided to stop saying that my life is "busy"...I've changed that to my life is "full"...doesn't that sound so much less stressful??  Plus, "full" sounds productive and "busy" sounds like an excuse for not calling my mom or neglecting the laundry.

So, part of my "full" schedule includes #1 preparing for her first high school musical.  I was beyond tickled that her little freshman name appeared on the poster advertising the event.  Perhaps, a little too tickled, but I'm working through that.  It has been an eye-opening experience to the parental involvement expected at high-school level activities.  I plan to clone myself when both #2 and #3 play sports and do theater at the high school at the same time.

There are some changes on the horizon...good stuff that I am not at liberty to share right now (I'll give you a hint: my due date is around April). Ba-ha-ha-ha.  Seriously, I am just waiting on confirmation and clarity and the audible Voice of God and then I can go public in the blogosphere.

Please make sure you visit the devotional posted at Christian Women Today on March 17 and 28.  They were written by little old me.  Since my schedule is too FULL, I decided rather than try to sit down and write 365 devotions for a book, I'll have a few random ones published online to keep me satisfied that I am fulfilling that call in my life right now.

I'll most likely be coaching girls travel soccer in the fall to which The Husband asked me: "Do you know all the rules and stuff to do that?".  Thanks, Honey.  I've coached rec for five years, right?  Geesh, the man acts like I regularly bite off more than I can chew (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  Yes, I know the important rules.... like only the goalie can use her hands.  Duh.

I'm just so glad I'm not a Girl Scout Leader.  It is really the one and only activity any of my kids participate in that I am a total slacker.  I sold ten boxes of cookies.  Six of them are for us.  I find myself saying I'm sorry a lot when I'm dropping off/picking up.  Thankfully, I can pretty much blame the fact that I am a 40-year old working mother of three in college.  That usually helps my is sort of like pleading insanity in court.

I saw the funniest thing on the generic NyQuil bottle tonight. Do not use to make a child sleepy. Is it okay to use to make an adult sleepy?  Plus, that stuff doesn't make you sleepy, it puts you in a near coma.

Here is my final thought that I will leave with you and I am going to apologize in advance.  Many of you have ridden this roller coaster with me and we are about to strap ourselves in again:

I'm joining a gym.  I'm going to be healthy.  I'm going to be able to breath in my jeans again.  I'm going to eat ice cream....whoops.  How did that last one get in there??  Yes, I'm going to try and exercise regularly.  Just gonna grab my textbook full of complex theories and words I don't know and read while I run on the treadmills and ellipticals in my designer workout clothes (c'mon, this is how it looks in my little world). 

To achieve all of my objectives in the next few months, I have scheduled myself no more than 17 hours of sleep per week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank Goodness Phil Didn't See His Shadow!!

Being trapped inside with all these snow/ice days made me realize a few things:

1.  I know the words to more Justin Bieber songs than any 40-year old woman should admit to.

2.  I can't concentrate on my final paper and presentation with kids sitting down at my computer every time I get up.  Or, when they argue over whose turn it is to play SuperMario.  Or, when they ask if they can have friends over every ten minutes.

3.  Facebook and YouTube are way too entertaining.

4.  It is really easy to consume half a sixteen-ounce bag of Utz All Natural Kettle Chips.

5.  Exercising crossed my mind.  I left it at that.

6.  I slept more in the last four days then I did in the entire month of December.

7.  I have consumed so much coffee, I'm pretty sure a blood sample would reveal a .51 blood-coffee-level.

8.  I did not have to rush through completing our taxes...I had plenty of time to search for deductions and calculate how many books, sweaters and t-shirts I donated to Sal Val.

9.  Randomly singing show tunes from Little Women entertained me for a solid half hour.  And, I sang them badly.

10. I have no idea why I still have a rather large dirty laundry pile.  If I can't get it done being trapped in the house for three days, there is no hope.

Spring....come early!!!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For You

Hang on.

Not with your own strength....but, take refuge in the shadow of a God much bigger than our imagination can fathom.

His Love can cover a multitude of pain and loneliness.

Look forward.  Look up. 

Jesus never came to hold us in bondage to a bunch of rules meant to spoil our fun.  Rather, He came to set us free.  Free from sin, shame, guilt and being held back from the destiny our loving Father created us for.

Second chances.  Forgiveness.  Reach out and accept the gift He offers you today.  No matter the circumstances....nothing can separate you from the love of our gracious and amazing God. 

It has nothing to do with being religious.  Take Him down off the shelf and out of the box of preconceived ideas of who He should be.  Let yourself become like a child and climb up in His lap for awhile.  C'mon.

No need to say a word.  He already knows your heart better than you do.

He says He will wipe away EVERY tear.

He will overwhelm you with His peace and restore your laughter.

Dreams are born.  Destiny released.

Trust Him.