Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chatty McChatterbox


I miss the days of blogging regularly, for fun, when I don't have to insert citations and make sure that my posts are Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced APA style.  I'd post my papers that I write for classes, but then my seven regular followers would probably drop to negative two.

But, I am not complaining.  College is swell.

I have decided to stop saying that my life is "busy"...I've changed that to my life is "full"...doesn't that sound so much less stressful??  Plus, "full" sounds productive and "busy" sounds like an excuse for not calling my mom or neglecting the laundry.

So, part of my "full" schedule includes #1 preparing for her first high school musical.  I was beyond tickled that her little freshman name appeared on the poster advertising the event.  Perhaps, a little too tickled, but I'm working through that.  It has been an eye-opening experience to the parental involvement expected at high-school level activities.  I plan to clone myself when both #2 and #3 play sports and do theater at the high school at the same time.

There are some changes on the horizon...good stuff that I am not at liberty to share right now (I'll give you a hint: my due date is around April). Ba-ha-ha-ha.  Seriously, I am just waiting on confirmation and clarity and the audible Voice of God and then I can go public in the blogosphere.

Please make sure you visit the devotional posted at Christian Women Today on March 17 and 28.  They were written by little old me.  Since my schedule is too FULL, I decided rather than try to sit down and write 365 devotions for a book, I'll have a few random ones published online to keep me satisfied that I am fulfilling that call in my life right now.

I'll most likely be coaching girls travel soccer in the fall to which The Husband asked me: "Do you know all the rules and stuff to do that?".  Thanks, Honey.  I've coached rec for five years, right?  Geesh, the man acts like I regularly bite off more than I can chew (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  Yes, I know the important rules.... like only the goalie can use her hands.  Duh.

I'm just so glad I'm not a Girl Scout Leader.  It is really the one and only activity any of my kids participate in that I am a total slacker.  I sold ten boxes of cookies.  Six of them are for us.  I find myself saying I'm sorry a lot when I'm dropping off/picking up.  Thankfully, I can pretty much blame the fact that I am a 40-year old working mother of three in college.  That usually helps my is sort of like pleading insanity in court.

I saw the funniest thing on the generic NyQuil bottle tonight. Do not use to make a child sleepy. Is it okay to use to make an adult sleepy?  Plus, that stuff doesn't make you sleepy, it puts you in a near coma.

Here is my final thought that I will leave with you and I am going to apologize in advance.  Many of you have ridden this roller coaster with me and we are about to strap ourselves in again:

I'm joining a gym.  I'm going to be healthy.  I'm going to be able to breath in my jeans again.  I'm going to eat ice cream....whoops.  How did that last one get in there??  Yes, I'm going to try and exercise regularly.  Just gonna grab my textbook full of complex theories and words I don't know and read while I run on the treadmills and ellipticals in my designer workout clothes (c'mon, this is how it looks in my little world). 

To achieve all of my objectives in the next few months, I have scheduled myself no more than 17 hours of sleep per week.

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