Thursday, May 31, 2007

Way to Go, Hersheypark!

There are two super cool perks that make me glad I'm a season pass holder this year at Hersheypark.

1. Special preferred parking for pass holders that is as close as you can get to the front gates unless you are an employee.

2. The new water park area called The Boardwalk.

If you're looking for me this summer you can pretty much count on us being at the Boardwalk in Hersheypark. It is fabulous! The Husband and I took the kids yesterday and we decided it felt like we were on vacation! And, I like vacation, so any place that tricks me into thinking I'm on one for a few blissful hours is a really good thing!

There are pools for all ages and water slides (we didn't even try the slides, yet). My kids really liked the wave pool, where I sat in a lounge chair and sunburned myself while sipping an 89 cent souvenir refill cup of Diet Pepsi (blah, not my most favorite, HP, please get Diet Coke again!!). We also spent time in this giant "pool" that has fountains and dumps huge buckets of water on you, it looks like something from the game "Mousetrap".

The added bonus is that the area is so huge, all lines for the other rides are cut in half or less. It was over 90 degrees out and we waited at Canyon River Rapids for 20 minutes. I have never stood in that line on a hot day and waited less than 45-60 minutes.

I would suggest getting there early to grab a lounge chair, at least to put your stuff on. There are lockers available (but, I'm too cheap to get one). And, obviously, I'm much more vigilant watching my kids swim here because it did get crowded. Yesterday, it was obnoxious kids on middle school/high school field trips. You know what I'm talking about...the ones you don't want your kids to stand next to in line or they'll get an earful of things you really don't want to have to explain to them for another 5-10 years!

We were definitely one "Hersheypark Happy" family yesterday!

And, Hersheypark definitely hit a home run on this expansion!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

He is Good. All the Time.

Talk about a timely message. This is how my devotion started out today...

Lord, God, help me to not allow the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desires for other things to come in and choke Your Word, making it unfruitful in my life (Mark 4:19).

I am frustrated that I took my eyes of Jesus and spent too much time pondering my circumstances yesterday. Sometimes, I wonder how I'll ever break free of getting caught up in the material things in life. I've often thought about missionaries who sell everything they own to go into missions and it amazes me. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised that when God puts a call on someone's life, they obey it. Which brings me back to our situation...God has put a call on our lives and right now it is to stay here and be content. Perhaps I should just cheerfully obey. I believe someone eventually will buy our house and Jay will get a different job, but even if it all falls through, He's still a good God.

If physical things were allowed to satisfy us, our hearts would become proud. (Deut. 8:12)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an attitude that needs to be confessed and prayed away!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Hate the Mood That I'm In

I'm in a "funk" and the worse part is that I don't want to be. I'm sitting here thinking of all the blessings in my life and how awesome God is, but I still feel blah. I can't even blame it on PMS and that is making it feel even worse.

We had our tenth showing today and the only offer we've gotten so far was pathetic. I'm not kidding. Even their agent said it was ridiculous and didn't bother putting it in writing. The Husband is still working the same job; although, it seems he still has an opportunity with a company that interviewed him a month ago. We're just sitting here. Waiting.

It just seems like NOTHING IS HAPPENING. I barely have the motivation to do schoolwork with my unmotivated children. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah......

I can't believe I am even going to post this for the world to see how pathetic I am.....

I'll go make dinner now. That I can do.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not Giving Up or Giving In

I've been thinking about persecution the last few days. Someone sent me a very hurtful email, calling me ignorant and self centered because I send her and my other family members updates and prayer requests. She is an atheist married to a Catholic. It was probably the nastiest communication I have had with anyone since high school days. I shook for a good ten minutes after I read it, just shocked. I quickly wrote a defensive email back, but ended up deleting most of it. I made a choice to tell this person what she did was hurtful, but I still cared for her. She emailed a second time, again calling me ignorant and telling me I make her sick. I won't get into all the details, but she is an over the top animal activist and thinks I mutilated my cat's paws by having her declawed and after the whole Dog episode, she thinks people like us should not have any animals. It was really ugly. She mocked God and my faith in Jesus, telling me to stop praying and start thinking logically.

SO, while I really want to plead my case and share my side of the story in a 10 page documentary, I'm just going to ask the Lord to examine my heart. Perhaps what the enemy is intending to hurt me with is something God will use to help me grow. Most of the time when I speak to people about the Lord or ask to pray for them they are receptive. You give me a person who talks bad about my Jesus and I want to roll up my sleeves and start throwing some punches. This situation is really stretching me to "love the unlovable" and not allow a root of hopelessness to start growing in my heart towards this person, and atheists, in general. The Lord is also trying to teach me that I don't always have to try and prove my point (that's a tough one, ask The Husband)! Be still and know that He is God.....

Again, I find myself at the place where it's not about me. I am so thankful God doesn't give up when it still takes me a little while to figure this out!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just in Case You Thought it was Over....

The Dog is back again!

She got into a fight last night over her blanket with one of the other dogs and their vet said she is fighting to be “top dog”. She is scratched up a little from the fight, but otherwise doing very well. We really need wisdom for how to go about this. After talking and praying and getting about 5 hours of sleep (if you can call it that), we decided to enroll her in more obedience training and try to make the best of it.

So far today, she has been very calm and obedient, even letting #1 walk her at the playground on her leash and laying down under a tree with her (this never happened before, the kids have never felt safe walking her outside the yard).

I felt so bad for the people that had her, they really wanted it to work out, but she is too young and headstrong to get along with the other dogs. It seems as if she has spent the last 2 weeks learning how to be a "grown up" dog and now we can enjoy her new and improved doggie attitude adjustment. I'm praying that it lasts.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Greatest Show on Earth

This circus really lives up to it's name. The star of the show, Bello, whom I had never heard of before today was what tied this already amazing show all together. It was worth every penny; although I was not about to shell out $12 for cotton candy that came in a doofy clown hat that would have found its way into next year's yard sale box.

This was the first "real" circus my kids have ever been to and they were thrilled. I could've watched just their expressions all night and left a happy mom! Their only comparison was the cheesy circus that performed at our local town's park in the middle of a thunderstorm a few summers ago. The trapeze guy was also the guy selling snow cones and the poor juggler was having a very "off" night. It did make for a memory that can solicit a good chuckle!

We had a great time last night. I was a little distracted by the lack of crowd enthusiasm. I just wanted to get up and shout "Come on people! This is amazing stuff!". We all joke that Central PA is a little on the reserved side, but it actually bugs me. So, if anyone involved with Ringling Brothers reads this, I would like to apologize on behalf of our region and let you know that YOU ROCKED!

Thank You, Husband and Brave People!

It's pretty much a given that I tear up at the National Anthem, anything relating to our armed forces, the United States in general, and Extreme Makeover, Home Addition.

I have always and will continue to be grateful for the men and women who serve our country. What an amazing thing to literally offer your LIFE as a sacrifice for other's safety and freedom. One of these heroes is The Husband. He served for four years in the Marine Corps during the Gulf War and most days does not remind me of a veteran with his cell phone and MP3 player. The first thought that enters my mind when you say "veteran" is the cute little guys with the caps that march in the parades while their wives cook up chicken potpie at the VFW Friday night dinners. But, let me tell you how I know The Husband served his country.....

1. He will not sit, talk or otherwise be distracted for anything remotely patriotic...Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, God Bless America, voting, etc....

2. He is very respectful of authority and honors people whether they are above him, below him or equal to him in authority.

3. He is a problem solver and a team player. I know this is starting to sound like a resume, but let me tell you, even I cannot understand the bond that is formed when these people serve together with blood, sweat and tears for little pay and recognition for the enormity of what they do.

4. His ducks are in a row. Don't mess with his ducks. Only God can do that.

So, as I toot his horn and others like him, I'm all about Memorial Day Weekend, the official kick off to summer, but in between scarfing down the hot dogs, I plan to thank a few veterans, as well as the Lord, for the freedom I enjoy today.

And, that last sentence had entirely too many commas in it! Sorry. I'm a grammar teacher's worst nightmare, ain't i?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting Ready to Move!

#3 has taken the initiative to start packing us up! Hopefully, the novelty won't wear off!

We still don't have an offer on our house, but we're believing in things that aren't as though they are! Did I say that right?

Sister, Sister

Growing up I always wanted a sister (remember the show the Electric Company? I used to imagine one of the girls on that show was my older sister!). I had a younger brother who I appreciate and adore much more as an adult than I did as a child. We joke that he's doing much better after the years of therapy that he needed to undo the damage I inflicted upon him as a child.

So, you can imagine my sheer delight after each of my ultrasounds! Sisters! Woo-hoo!

Oh my word!

I pictured us all in matching mother/daughter dresses on Easter and tea parties with their stuffed animals, and sugar and spice and everything nice.......

What I didn't picture was too many chiefs and not enough Indians, jealousy, backtalk, and one of them in particular, getting as rough, wild and dirty as good as any boy we know.

Oh, they are precious, don't get me wrong. This is a mere observation, not complaining, because they, like me, are works in progress. I just have to laugh at what I thought my life was going to look like with all these girls in our house. We would be like the Von Trapps (minus Hans and Fritzy or whatever the boys names were) singing songs in coordinating outfits, strolling along, never getting upset when I tell them to turn off Hannah Montana because they already watched it 5 times this week and please brush your hair and take off that stained shirt before we go out, for heaven's sake!!!!

Breathe in, breathe out. First of all, Classic Mama is reading this shaking her head. Hans and Fritzy?? I'm so sorry, it's early and I only have a half a cup of caffeine in me.

Where was I? Oh, sisters. I'm not sure I have a point other than to say for as much as they surprise me with what I didn't expect life to be, they delight me even more. All three of my girls make me feel like "Mom of the Year" pretty much on a regular basis. I receive random, unsolicited acts of kindness throughout the day from each one and we are moving towards them doing this for one another, as well. The age differences matter on some days, but most of the time they have reached a great stage in their lives of playing well all together, as long as they can pick a leader for that day and the other 2 submit. If not, all 3 end up in tears!

I am so excited to see their relationships grow stronger through the years. I've seen them passionately protect one another and the older 2 are really trying to resolve their conflicts without always having to involve me or The Husband. That's a beautiful thing. Now, if I can just get them to stop using the couch or my bed as a trampoline we'll really be making some progress.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

Last night was #1's ballet recital and she was a delight, honestly, unbiasedly (is that a word?) a true delight to watch! Almost as enjoyable was getting together with some special friends I have not had the opportunity to spend much time with lately. These are friends that entered our lives two years ago when #1 was in our church production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She played Lucy and these friends were the other Pevensie children, so to make it easy I've named them their stage names.....Peter, Susan and Edmund.

We've made quite an eclectic group and it's funny when we go out places because people try to piece us together somehow! The Husband and I are not old enough to be their parents, but we are nowhere near their demographic classification! We were all pretty inseparable our first year as friends, but college, a boyfriend, wrestling and "life" have kept us from seeing so much of each other. The beautiful thing about that is we picked up last night like no time has passed between us.

I've asked myself over the years why I have these friends that are so different, but so special to me. At first, I felt pretty "cool" having such young friends that seemed to actually WANT to be my friend (why is the world?), but after a terrible accident that Peter was involved in occured a year and half ago, it drew us all so close together I stopped thinking of them as my younger "hip" friends and they became like family to us. They rarely miss a dance recital, birthday party or any other special occasion in our lives. Anytime we get together, I can count on laughing until my stomach hurts! The Husband and Peter have traveled to the Orange Bowl together, Susan babysits at a moment's notice and Edmund blows us away with his thoughtful gifts he buys us. We eat off of each other's plates (and ice cream cones) and we can be REAL with one another.

I think there have been times we've been misunderstood and judged by others and that has made me a little insecure. If I get silly and act immature these friends are not the reason, that's just ME! They have not replaced any family or friends in our lives, they've been a wonderful addition. Some people just don't get that. I think one thing that has kept us close is that they make themselves available to us.

It's pretty darn cool watching them through various stages of their lives turn into the men and woman God is calling them to be. I am so glad God brought them into our lives!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Know There's Gotta be More to Life Than This....

I was planning on writing a very whiny, pity party blog today about my (sniff) house not selling yet, and then I felt the Holy Spirit dump a bucket of ice cold water on my wimpy soul and tell me to "snap out of it".

You see, I'm holding on to my Happy Ending. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Part of me thinks it is good to be hopeful and peaceful in this season of trusting the Lord, but at the same time I'm disturbed that I care so much about my own peace of mind. I'm starting to confuse my purpose on this planet when I do that. Everything even remotely relating to us selling our house and moving has very little to do with my happiness. When I start to think this is about me, that's when I get upset that things aren't progressing the way I think they should be. When I remember it is to GLORIFY my CREATOR then I can sit back, relax and let Him do His job.

He wants me to trust Him, but not because I'm going to get something out of it (materially speaking). And, I don't mean to say that He doesn't delight in our provision and all the good stuff He puts in our lives. I just think He really rejoices when we take a step closer to looking more like Him, despite the culture that we live in pushing us in the opposite direction. And, I must admit I can get caught up in the "Me" worshipping when I start to meditate on my disappointments. Thankfully, it doesn't last as long as it used to and I anticipate the day I don't have to even deal with it. Other things start to take a backseat when I focus too much on how I think my life should be. I stop going to war over my children's attitudes and my family's salvation. That is a dangerous place to be. And, I don't want to go there anymore.

Thank God for new begginings!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Husband Just Can't Stop Doing a Happy Dance

Well, he's not really dancing. He's just thrilled. Why, you ask?

Because our house is always, ALWAYS so stinkin' clean it makes me crazy!

Aliens have kidnapped me and in their place have left an OCD clean freak who has now started working in the garden, too.

Oh, this is serious.

Some of you may need a little background information. When The Husband and I were dating he was fresh out of the Marine Corp and I was working full-time and part-time jobs and going to college. My organizational skills were more like survival skills and our different styles of housekeeping were like Clash of the Titans. He ironed and hung up his jeans. Putting clothes in drawers and closets for me was a waste of precious time when I could just grab them off my chair. When The Husband paid his bills he labeled each envelope with the date it should be mailed, stamp and return address and carefully filed it away. My bills were under all my clothes on the above mentioned chair and sometimes got paid and sometimes didn't depending on how much Statistics homework I had that week.

When we first married, it was not money we fought over. It was housework. Thankfully, over the years we have learned to meet in the middle. Having three kids has forced me to make my life considerably more organized and his more flexible!

But, nothing could prepare me for the woman I've become since we put our house up for sale. I like living in a clean, uncluttered house. I really, really like it. I never set my alarm clock, yet I'm up every morning at 6:30 am or earlier to invite the Lord into my clean house and chat over a cup of coffee. And, that my friends is a sprinkling of sunshine that lasts the whole day through!

I can't promise I'll stay this way (I already backslid today and hid a basket of folded laundry in the closet where no one would see it!). In fact, I will be happy when I don't look down and see some form of a Swiffer product in my hand (I only set it down long enough to type my blog). But, I am getting a huge kick out of seeing The Husband's reaction when he comes home to this sparkling palace each night. He looks like a kid in Disneyworld.

Don't worry, when the house sells, I'll let him down easy!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Dog Went to Live at Canine Club Med

Here I've been all week worrying that our dog who we found a new home for is pining away for us, not eating, just whimpering in a corner watching Dr. Phil and wondering when we are coming to rescue her.

Oh my word! Was I SO wrong!

We've gotten little doggie updates from the sweet people that took her, who also have 2 other female Dobermans (Abby and Brook). I'm copying today's letter so you can see firsthand what I'm talking about....

Hello from Bella,
Hi everyone I'm doing fine. I played ball with Abby last night we even retrieved and released to Mom, she just threw the ball. I was also helping Mom plant flowers I don't leave Daddy or Mommy get out of my site. Even the neighbor across the street noticed I'm in Dad's back pocket. Back to planting flowers I like to run in the flower beds and I'm told to get out and it is a fun game, to make mommy get up and chase me. I also, really, really like the hose, I drink right from the hose and when mommy is using the hose I make sure I'm able to get wet, I don't understand Abby and Brook run away, and I'm just having lots of fun. I like Frosty Paws, Abby did not finish hers so I helped her out, she and I even switched our breakfast this morning, Brook is the one I really have to be careful with she likes to eat both Abby's and my food. I learned that really quick. I'm outside and playing all the time. I stay in the yard, I have learned that I can be shocked if not. I like to watch the birds that go in out of the bird house, and those cows across are really big. In the evening they make there rounds that I stand on the front porch and just watch. All is well and I'll write to you later.

Can we just say for the record that when The Dog lived with us she was having a good day if she got a quick 20 minute walk around the block? Now, she's got a couple of acres to run around in and lucky for her she's a quick learner since they obviously have an electric fence. And, Frosty Paws? How cool is that?

You can imagine how utterly delighted I was to get this letter.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

School Decisions - Part 2

I am so grateful for the encouraging comments I got concerning our girls going to public school. We had a brief experience in 1st grade with #1 and I pulled her out at Christmas time. That is sort of what I'm holding onto that leaves me stuck in the valley of indecisiveness.

I tried to volunteer to plan parties and be in the classroom, but I was competing with a "professional" room mother who just happened to be a teacher in the same school district. She found it very amusing one day when we were talking about what the school was calling a "Harvest Party" and she was suggesting Frankensteins and I told her I didn't celebrate Halloween. She laughed very condescendingly and said out loud to no one in particular, "That's funny. I'm planning a Halloween party with someone who doesn't celebrate Halloween". I tried to explain that we celebrate fall and harvests, pumpkins, owls, scarecrows, but she basically "fired" me and got one of her friends to help her. I went to the party and helped #1 paint her flower pot a lovely mixture of green and black while the other kids painted Frankenstein. I didn't know who felt more like the class freak, me or #1.

I'm not bitter.

But, I am distrustful of Halloween in "Harvest Party" clothes. And strong, confident women who think they are better than me, treating me like a "needy nitwit".

But, really....I'm not bitter!!!!!

So, I decided we will go to Florida and visit the in-laws the week before/of Halloween if the girls go to public school.

Because that is the mature thing to do.

More Decisions (I'm Getting Pretty Good at Rearranging My Life, Lately)

Brace yourselves.

Our kids may very well be going to.... (gulp)..... public school.

We are considering it for several reasons:

1. We are moving and will be near the best elementary school in the district.
2. Can we honestly afford to send the girls to Christian school for the next umpteen years?
3. Homeschooling all three of them is just not an option unless God drastically rewrites mine, #1 and #3's DNA.
4. This would be the ideal year to start since #3 is going to kindergarten and #1 is starting middle school and they won't be the only "new" kids.

The only major thing holding me back is the fear of them having to figure out (discern) at a young age all the subject matter that we completely disagree with. I know of classes in other school districts that have studied Harry Potter books together for a month, and don't even get me started about Halloween.....despite not saying the word "Christmas" they can spend weeks learning about witches. The injustice of that alone makes me want to avoid public school. Throw in school shootings and now I'm really starting to think I'm a little crazy for even thinking about this.

I have decided, however, not to fret. The decision need not be made today (but, the "planner" in me is wanting the rough draft, neatly typed and double spaced by next Tuesday, please).

Now, the real question I make pancakes or eggs for breakfast?

Decisions, decisions......

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whoa Doggie! (no pun intended)

I felt numb this morning as I posted the update about The Dog, but life has gone on and we are all surviving. I even managed to remember to pray away the anxiety and guilt that reared its ugly head from time to time.

I've asked the girls to think of why we had The Dog for a year, what was God's purpose in it? I honestly don't know, that's why I'm asking a five-year old! Most of the time kids can look at situations in a much simpler way than we can. I'm thinking we made a huge mistake and God can redeem our mistakes and make all things work out for the good of all who love Him and on and on and on....... The kids are just like, "maybe we were just supposed to love her when she wasn't easy to love".

Whoa. Now that's deep. Perhaps that's why we are instructed to "become like a little child"!

I love being a mom. We joke that our kids bring out the worst in us, but honestly, they bring the best out, too. Sticky kisses and whispers at bedtime.....and simple little answers to seemingly complex questions! Thank you, God for trusting me and teaching me with three precious treasures!

Bye, Bye Bella

The Dog got picked up last night, very unexpectedly, by her new family. They are grandparents with two other older Dobermans and are very excited to add her to their pack! Our hearts are hurting, but we knew it was for the best.

Simplifying my life has not exactly been a walk in the park.

Monday, May 14, 2007

10 Lies About My Mother's Day at Hersheypark

1. I never get Brickers fried veggies every Mother's Day because they are gross.
2. #2 really, really likes to go on roller coasters.
3. #3 can walk the whole way out to the parking lot without having to be carried half the time, crying to go to Chocolate World.
4. My favorite ride is the Sky-thingermer-bobber thing that dangles you by a mere fishing-line- sized cable over snake infested waters.
5. Those refillable souvenir cups are a rip-off!
6. Chocolate is disgusting.
7. The Husband enjoys rides that spin you around very, very fast.
8. #1 can't stand to go on The Great Bear.
9. I thought it was totally appropriate to be playing Def Lappard's song Pour Some Sugar on Me while my kids were riding on the Musicbox Express. That is really a family friendly, "G" rated kind of song to be playing on Mother's Day afternoon! Good job, HP!
10. I am so upset they put a Dunkin Donuts in, right in the very front of the park. Their coffee is not very good and their donuts are worse!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Family Fun Spot

Being the Lancaster County fanatic that I am, I have found another "hot spot" to entertain the kiddos with. I have driven past this place many, many, many, many, many times before and only stopped once to eat never realizing they have a great play area in the back.

It is called the Trolley Stop and it is so wholesome and old fashioned I cannot link you to a web page 'cause they don't have one!

I'll tell you what they do have....a $2.99 kid's menu that includes your 5 basic entrees with fries and a choice of a Little Hug (which are STRICTLY forbidden in our house due to the high chemical content, but I made the exception today much to the delight of #2 and #3). I had a very greasy, yet tasty, finger lickin' good cheesesteak (hey, they were drinking Hugs, I could have a cheesesteak!) and the girls played and played and played in this very clean and well maintained area. #1 would've had a blast, too, but she was babysitting today.

We'll definately go back again; although it may be like Chuck E Cheese where timing is everything and it may not be so much fun when it is packed with rambunctious children!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Use Me Lord

I have been attending a conference at our church and it has been very good. God has been working on my heart to give me a new compassion for people. I pray that I can see other people the way our Father in heaven sees them.

One of the DVD's the speaker showed yesterday was from a conference they did where people were being delivered from demonic spirits. I wept as the people will literally being drug away, thrashing and screaming. Those are the same kind of people we see at the grocery store, in our neighborhood, and at our kid's soccer games. They have their masks on and it takes our prayers and kindness to get below the surface. I felt my heart break at this realization. I am the one with the cold cup of water to share in a hot, dry desert of thirsty souls.

Help me, Jesus to share the love and compassion that you've placed in my heart.

Monday, May 7, 2007


I've decided my mind is as cluttered as my junk drawer in my kitchen and I'm going to do something about it!

I, like most moms, always have a steady stream of conversation flowing through my mind. I've decided some of it is just not necessary. It weighs me down and makes me distracted.

It is funny how I'm having this revelation as I just listed my house for sale today and am still negotiating for the new one! Is this God's way of telling me to slow down; less is more? I really have felt like God has given me an "extreme attitude makeover" in the last month; but I want to be sensitive to my weaknesses, overcommitment being one of them. I've realized it is real hard to hear My Father's voice (or any other voice for that matter) when I'm racing around like the proverbial chicken with my head cut off. No head means no ears. No ears means no hear. Ha!

So my theme for today is simplicity. Physical and emotional. That means I'm going to go make a cup of tea and spend time praying with my family and leave the laundry for tomorrow. Then I plan to "be still and know that He is God".

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Looks Like We're Moving!

This is my garage.
This is my garage BEFORE our community yard sale this Saturday.
I hope to post a much different AFTER picture.
We have added to the pile because, believe it or not, we are listing our house for sale tomorrow. I checked with our financial advisor, who coincidentally, will live right down the street from the new house we plan to purchase and he gave us the thumbs up.
We have given "spring cleaning" a new name. I like to call it spring purging. We basically have 3 criteria:
1. we can't live without it
2. yard sale / donate to Goodwill
3. (my personal favorite) throw it away
So, I'll keep the cyberworld updated as we iron out a contract, which we are countering their counter offer tonight (doesn't that sound like as much fun as pulling out 3 of your toe nails?).
In the meantime, I know I've got a closet or a drawer somewhere needing to be cleaned.......

Friday, May 4, 2007

How Insane Am I?

Let's play a game!!

It's called "How Insane Am I".

Okay! I'll go first. On somewhat of a whim because we are looking for a lower monthly payment, more land and a one level house so GAS doesn't have to do steps we are putting an offer on a house today! Yes, we prayed about it. For about five minutes. It is a little further from church and school, but the girls will still be in a school district that buses to the Christian school I am planning on sending them to. The only problem really is that we didn't plan to do anything so soon....but this house, despite being ugly on the outside, is pretty much perfect for us. The Husband is much more cautious then I am. My opinion is that it is just a house for goodness sake not something permanent like plastic surgery or a tattoo! If we don't like it, we move again, am I right?!

Okay, now it's your turn! How insane are you today?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Little Worn Out Women

I'm holding my head a little higher this morning!

#1 and I have had some good chats since our blow up yesterday. I love that our God is a redeeming God and He can take both of our temper tantrums and turn them into something good that we can grow from.

I had this realization last night as I fell into a troubled sleep that I am raising a "worn out woman". I've joked that #1 is so much like me, but she really is. She is overloaded with activities and events and can't seem to say no when something new comes around the corner. I'm usually the one putting my foot down and trying not to add to her schedule. She takes an art class, theatre class, ballet, is on the worship team at church and works in our church cafe. In between, she babysits when her schoolwork is caught up. Yesterday, she asked for piano lessons. I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. She changed the subject. Granted, she pays for some of these activities, but the time spent away from home is stretching us to the breaking point. If she were the only kid it may not be so bad, but both #2 and #3 are doing soccer and gymnastics now. I'm going to need to hire a personal secretary and chauffeur soon!

You know what though? It's all almost over and then my only stressful decision will be do we go to Hersheypark or the pool today? Ok, not really. But, I'm SO ready for a few months of summer break!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mommy Guilt (again)

Today was not one of those "Mommy Of The Year" Award days.

Today I could've been a finalist in the "Mommy Who Pitches the Loudest Fit" contest. While I say that somewhat jokingly, I feel pretty bad at flipping out on #1 over the thing that seems to be a constant source of contention. Her school work.

I found myself saying things like....
"Do you think I want to learn this stuff? I already did when I was in fifth grade!"
"Do you think I OWE it to you to home school you? NO! I DON'T!"
" I'm done. School yourself. I'M DONE!!!!!"

I was pretty vicious. But, I can honestly tell you the entire school year has been a battle of her will vs. my desire to stay caught up in school work. We have the same conversations several times a week in varying degrees of loudness and tears (hers and mine) and today, as I explained to her, I had reached my limit. But, that is no excuse for the tongue lashing I unleashed on her.

Our season of home schooling is coming to an end. I am so happy and sad about that at the same time. I'm ready to be her mom and not her teacher and her mom. But, I'm going to miss her and struggle with memories of today while she is away in the care of someone else.

I could never prepare myself for the conflicting emotions that motherhood brings. Joy and pain, love and frustration. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but that still doesn't make the struggles any easier. I'm going to go pray now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Don't Worry, It Will Be Gone in a Few Days

How do you like my new look? Nurse Ratchett look out!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

I did it just for the shock value! Did it work?