Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Formal Introduction....3 Posts Later

Well, I got to thinking that here I am with a new blog and all and I never really introduced my "cast of characters" (you know, my family!). My hesitation came from the pressure to make up catchy little nicknames for them to be called (like in all the other blogs I read). I have been at a loss and while I'm not making fun of all you bloggers out there who do this (snicker, hee, hee) I just don't know where you all come up with them. So, for the sake of me being able to move on in life and with this BLOB as my youngest daughter calls it, without further ado I introduce you to my household.....

My husband - "The Husband"
My oldest daughter - "#1"
My middle daughter - "#2"
My youngest daughter - "#3"
My grandmother - "GAS" Those really are her initials!
Our doberman puppy - "Annoying, Destructive Dog" or, for short "ADD"
Our cat - "The Cat"

See how clever I am! As for the content of my blob? Random, total randomness, randomier than your average blog, so random it may scare you. Well-written you wonder? I venture to say no. I tend to write as I speak and while that's so cute when you're Southern or British, my Pennsylvania Dutch upbringing may taint that from time to time with sentences that youns may have to read twice to understand (just like this one!).

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TCC said...


While I know you, I don't really KNOW you. Does that make sense? Anyway, it is nice to see some more "mommy bloggers" here in our region. :) Let me know when you are comfortable with having your own blog and I will link to you. :)

I liked your 37 for 37 post. I'll be joining you in October!