Saturday, March 17, 2007

37 Things I Want for my Birthday

In honor of my upcoming 37th (ugh) birthday I started to think of 37 things I would like....

1. My entire family to know Christ as their Savior.
2. A latte a day (my new favorite, believe it or not, a caramel latte from Dunkin Donuts. I know. I'm full of surprises) for the month of March.
3. Lots and lots of fountain Diet Coke.
4. To fit into my "skinny" summer clothes.
5. To go play laser tag. Lots of laser tag.
6. Take the family to Disneyworld.
7. Take the family to Israel.
8. World peace (to make the trip to Israel more enjoyable)
9. To not be afraid to fly (which would also make a more enjoyable trip to Israel).
10. To snorkle off of a tropical beach.
11. To have brunch at Raspberries.
12. A day at the Hershey Spa and dinner in the Circular Dining Room.
13. To sleep in until 10am and not feel guilty.
14. To have breakfast in bed (eggs benedict, please!).
15. To ride all the roller coasters at Hersheypark without having to wait in line.
16. To play in the mud with my kids and not have to wash their clothes when we're done.
17. To learn how to play a musical instrument.
18. To go hiking up a beautiful mountain and watch the sun rise.
19. To find a good home for our dog, Bella without all of our hearts breaking.
20. To have tea and finger foods with my friends at a cute little tea house.
21. To play hours and hours of Nerts.
22. To play an hour or so of tennis.
23. Ride a wave runner down the Ft. Lauderdale intercoastal.
24. Eat a basket of ribs and conch fritters at Flanigans in south Florida.
25. Ride in a convertable with the top down. Preferably a red convertable.
26. See a really good Broadway show.
27. Teach my kids about volcanoes by taking them to Hawaii.
28. Teach my kids about the Grand Canyon by taking them there.
29. Buy an RV. and visit the continental US, Canada and Mexico.
30. To feed the hungry, clothe the poor and give shelter to the homeless.
32. More faith to believe God can do miracles beyond my wildest imagination.
33. A job that hubby really enjoys and not one he feels stuck in.
34. A week long luxury cruise with 30 of my closest friends.
35. To wake up and know that no matter the circumstances I'm in, everything is going to be alright.
36. Go horseback riding.
37. Meet President Bush to tell him he's doing a great job and I'm praying for him.

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