Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The GAS Chronicles

So, we've been frequent guests at the hospital visiting my grandma, "GAS" since Saturday. She is bleeding internally and they don’t know where it is coming from. They initially thought that she overdosed on aspirin and that was probably causing the bleeding. She takes 2 in the morning and 2 at night and sometimes more (I had no idea!). Why does she take so much aspirin? She says it's to prevent a heart attack. My grandfather told her five years ago to take one a day and she said (and, I quote), "When I do something, I do it right. ". They had to replace 2 units of blood on Sunday that she had lost, but she seems in good spirits. She really wants to come home but the way the doctor was talking that isn’t going to happen until they know what is wrong. She had stopped bleeding for awhile when she was just taking liquids, but she started again yesterday after she ate some solid food. She had actually swallowed a pill on Tuesday that was a camera and the doctors have been studying the results and can't find the cause of the bleeding. They said her blood counts are all good and they just can't figure out what is going on. Her hand is all swollen from her IV so they had to change that and now she has pain on the right side of her chest whenever she breathes deep or laughs. I'm thinking...."just let her come home, she's getting worse in the hospital!!" but then I guess I'd be having to deal with all of this and my medical background is limited to kissing boo-boos on scraped knees.

So, all your prayers are appreciated!


Classic MaMa said...

Melissa, GAS has ben added to our night-time prayer list. (and so have you) We love you all!

On Fire For Him said...

Hi Melissa,
Welcome to the blogging world! So sorry to hear about your grandma! Praying that she will be healed, quickly!

Would love to add you to my list of reads - okay?

Tracy W said...

SOOOO, another CCC'er joins the blogosphere! It could almost make a gal feel as if she never left home - all this "getting to peek into your life" stuff :) Will add GAS (that's LOL funny!) to our prayers, and am looking forward to a good report. Love your new blog - and loved your post about fear. Such a good reminder that our lives are not our own and HE loves us and those we love even more than we do. Thanks for the quiet for my hurried heart :) Miss ya tons - mostly miss your outrageous, honest joy that you find in the everyday-ness of your life!