Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got tagged by Jenne over at Love Like a Hurricane!

The rules:
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My 7 Things:

1. I know all the words to all the songs on The High School Musical 2 CD.

2. I am just as excited as my kids are to see High School Musical 3. In theaters on October 24th. I'm buying our tickets for the premiere this week.

3. I only like McDonald's french fries BURNING hot and dipped in honey.

4. I like (virgin) pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

5. I can't stand to hold chalk in my hands. It feels so awful I get weak in the knees.

6. I like the idea of a clean colon. I'm usually researching and/or doing some kind of "cleanse"; although, now that I'm working I am laying pretty low with that. No need to earn any embarrassing nicknames so early on....

7. I really like control top anything.

Tag! You're it!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some More Random Randomness in My Life

For all of you awesome prayer warriors: I want to update you on #3. She spent the weekend (especially Saturday) having an upset stomach and crying about going to school on Monday. She even closed her eyes when we drove past the school to pick up a friend on Sunday. I would have laughed if I thought she was just being over dramatic, but we've endured one of the roughest weeks I can remember. This morning she threw up twice before school, would not eat or drink any breakfast and cried off and on with one particularly bad episode as I put on her shoes. I stayed calm and just prayed Scripture over her and she finally walked tearfully into school. I was bound and determined at that point that what the enemy (devil) is trying to destroy her with, God will use to add people to His Kingdom one day. I don't know how other then #3 is learning to be one tough cookie and we're teaching her to rely on Jesus for her strength. And, she talks to God throughout her day and says that He helps her. As for the rest of today, she skipped her snack at school and ate a cookie and 2 bites of sandwich from her lunch. She ate the rest of her lunch on the car ride home from school and has been fine since then. Very few tears and no upset tummy at bedtime. Hallelujah! That's progress!

Work is going well with me. I am enjoying it and apparently the last few people who held my position are making me look really good. I am told every day how happy they are to see that I keep coming back to work (the last person left after the first day) and today I found a homemade sign on my cubicle with my name on it and underneath Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire. I was feeling the love. But really, this is very much a mission field. It's called "Religion" and it is just as deceiving as every other false god out there. Enough on that for now. I do really like the people I work with and I am thrilled at where God is leading me!

GAS is recuperating well from her hip replacement. She is supposed to be in rehab for about 3-4 weeks so she isn't left unattended, but some doctor went in today and told her she could come home on Friday if she continues to do well. I burst her bubble and said NO WAY. I don't want her to fall and need help and I'm not here. I know that sounds mean, but she is as stubborn as little old German ladies come and I don't want to come home one afternoon to a disaster. My trauma limit has been surpassed by #3's ordeal. Nope. She's staying at rehab where I know she'll get all the attention she needs and she can flirt with the single, cute male therapists.

After a weekend of watching soccer and football in the rain (poor #2 had to actually play soccer and cheer with no umbrella or rain gear!) my van smells like wet possum. I had to take everything out that got even a little damp and the chairs need a hefty dose of Fabreeze. I was hoping I didn't walk into work this morning smelling like my stinky van.

I will continue to ask you to pray for #3....I am so appreciative. I know not everyone who reads my blog understands the "Christianese" I use, but it is a battle. A spiritual battle and the Bible says it is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. I believe we ticked off some of those powers and principalities (namely witchcraft in this area) and this anxiety in her (and even me) is an attempt to make us back down from going after everything God has called us to in this school and community. Well, I am reminded that the devil is not the opposite of God. He is a fallen angel who will be cast into the fiery lake for eternity by a nameless angel.

Who holds the power? That would be my God. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This trial we're in continues to reaffirm that we will not stop going after the plans and purposes of God. We will see a victory. I believe it whole heartily!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Doesn't Matter Whether You Win or Lose, It's Whether You Get Ice Cream Afterwards That Matters

Celebrating our first "non loss" (we tied 3 to 3) with some of the cuties from the U-7 soccer team I coach. #3 scored 2 of the 3 goals on defense (she's got a good strong kick!).

You better believe I was one proud mama!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Down But Not Out

It has been a rough week here in the oH mY wORD house.

I'm emotionally drained. #3 has been so physically sick from the stress in her life I've actually considered medication.

And, I yelled at God.

I'm not sure I've ever yelled at God before.

What started as stress during school about the bullying has manifested into something so extreme I cried with her this morning. The boys have stopped the teasing, but she misses me so badly she throws up every time she thinks about going to school. And, this morning it lasted an hour. Sobbing, chest pains and throwing up until she was dry heaving in the trash can.

That was when I burst into tears, rebuked the devil and yelled at Jesus...where are you???!!!

She made it through the school day without tears, but already cried and got sick tonight thinking about having to go to school on Monday. I'm dreading it. More than I can put into words.

But, I will keep praying and keep encouraging her. My plan each day is to have one-on-one time where I plan to hep her memorize some scripture. She said talking to God at school helps her to get through her day.

It is definitely causing some tension around here as this situation monopolizes my time, attention and energy. I skipped a Women's Ministry event because I couldn't bear to leave her for a second time today. I just want her to have her peace back and I've tried everything reasonable that I can think of. Part of me wishes I felt the release to home school her, but while that would be a great temporary fix, in the long run I think it would not be the BEST for her. She is very social and would be home alone all day....no little brothers or sisters to entertain her when school work is done. She would want to zone out in front of the TV or computer. And, I'm terribly afraid to give into this anxiety because it could just rear its ugly head again later down the road with some other issue in her life. No, I just have to stay on course and believe that God's mighty hand is on her and she'll come through this stronger. We're going to love her through it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Praying,,,,

#3 had another rough day yesterday not feeling well from anxiety. Her teacher called me and told me the most pitiful story about her stomach hurting as they lined up for recess and how she cried and wanted her mommy. Then, The Husband stopped in at lunch and she alternated between feeling sick and crying with laughing with him and her friends. She did tell me when she got home that the day was "mostly good, but Mrs. G would not let me go to the nurse".

#3 does not understand that her worry is causing the physical symptoms. I tried to explain to her that when she is thinking about what is going to happen at recess and lunch, those are the times she feels sick. We are now walking the delicate balance of her understanding that if her teacher thinks she is sick with an illness she will be allowed to go to the nurse, but this is different. And, her teacher told her that since I was at work I can't come get her. I had to clarify that one, too! I explained that if she was sick or something happened that she really needed me that I would leave work right away to be at school for her.

I know the teacher was only trying to help, but I do not want any of my kids to think a job is more important than them! Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you posted! I'm planning to go in for lunch today, which I usually do on Thursdays anyway.

And, one more request....GAS is going in for a hip replacement tomorrow and will be at the hospital and rehab for the next month. She just turned 87 last week so I'm sure you understand the medical risks involved. We're not ready for her to go Home, yet! The girls seem a little worried about her surgery and I do not want to add to the anxiety level around here!

On a side note, after I posted about this situation the other night I was so worked up I was shaking. I got into bed and just kept thinking about it...all of a sudden the shaking stopped and I felt peaceful. I realized that someone must have been praying for us right then and there! It encouraged me that if I felt better, of course, He will make #3 feel better.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please Pray...

...for our sweet #3. She has had some boys teasing her and her friends at school and it is beginning to take a toll on her. Today, I was called by the school nurse to come get her because this is the third day in a week she has come in with chest pain. The other day it was accompanied with dilated pupils and today she was sick to her stomach when she had the pain.

After taking her to the doctor today (who is concerned about her blood pressure and possibly passing out) and making an appointment to see a pediatric cardiologist, #3 told me that she starts to have chest pain at recess and especially at lunch (where she had burst into tears yesterday after listening to her friends being teased). Of course, I notified the principle and teacher, and the school counselor has talked to her and her friends to give them solutions on how to handle teasing and bullying. I believe the boys have been dealt with; however, I was told basically that it is none of my business to inquire about the consequences and that the school follows the "code of conduct" outlined in the student handbook. Blah, blah, blah. Apparently after a bus incident with a fifth grade boy harassing her along with all this, apologies are not part of the "code of conduct". Of course, I'm furious. But, right now #3 needs prayer to overcome this. It is very scary to her and she seems unable to get through recess and lunch without anxiety. Just the idea of it happening again is making her upset even though I have assured her that she can tell them to knock it off and get help from an adult if the problems persist. She has asked me to stay home from school or not have to go to recess and lunch! I'm really not looking to blow this out of proportion, but I am crying out to God for her mental peace and health. If you think of it please pray for her sometime from 11am-11:30 am (recess) and lunch (12:15-12:45). My heart is breaking for her and knowing she is suffering with this anxiety is testing everything inside me not to pull her out of school and keep her home. I don't know what to do and I don't know how I can send her there with the possibility she could get so sick that she passes out. We need a breakthrough....thanks for praying with us.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Created and Called

In the event you want to hear what else may be going on in that pretty little head of mine (LOL!)....I have been posting with several other moms from CCC over at Created and Called. Add this site to your blog roll. It's got a lot of great stories, tips, recipes and anything else that we randomly come up with....plus, there is sure to be some kind of good vomit or poop story from time to time!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....

Our PTO Family Fun committee hosted an Ice cream Social tonight at school. Part of the festivities were to decorate a pumpkin at home and enter it in a contest.

It really was a group effort even though you only see The Husband with the glue gun (#3 had already burned herself with the glue gun at this point). We all really enjoyed working on it; although technically, #1's only contribution was an orphan sock for the hat. She sandpapered her new jeans while the rest of us crafted.

Our pumpkin snowman won "Most Original", complete with a real carrot nose and good dose of glitter spray as we headed out the door (the picture does not do it justice). His head accidentally broke off in the transportation faze; however, no one could tell as it sat on the table......until the lady who read the winners lifted it high in the air for all to see....and, shockingly, his head fell off.

And, there will be children having a hard time falling asleep tonight after witnessing that spectacle.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

It is time to close up the pool for the year...sniff. Bye-bye summer!

For more Wordless Wednesdays, check out 5 Minutes for Mom!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Thought You Might Like to Know....

...that I saw a sheep trot today. Whenever I usually drive by them they are standing still. Just like in the picture. Something got them moving and grooving today!

...that I have serious competitive soccer mom/coach streak in me that, at times, could seem scary to small children.

...that I missed the first MIA meeting today because even though I was off work, I had to copy 400 PTO newsletters before the AM kindergartners left for the day.

....that it looked like Old Country Buffet at my house tonight. It was Leftover Extravaganza. I heated about 6 different containers and threw it on the counter for a smorgasbord featuring beef stroganoff, hot dogs and sauerkraut, vegetable beef soup, glazed carrots, red skin potato salad, baked nachos with chili and cheese and rounding it out to make it oh. so. healthy. Raw carrots and dirty celery that #3 cut up and didn't wash off properly. Yes, indeed, we had variety.

....that The Husband is probably switching jobs. It's too long for one post. Let's just suffice it to say that it is only 8 miles, vs. 18 miles away, it pays better and he'll have off more weekends. Woo-hoo! I'm getting really good at parenting without health insurance. No trampoline or scooter riding until December, girls!

....that I had a dream about the Jonas Brothers. Bizarre. I tease my kids about it and here I am dreaming that I met them and we hung out. In case you're wondering though, I wasn't at all impressed with them in my dream.

....that I am addicted to facebook.

....that "stroganoff" does not come up on spell check.

I think that's it for now! Good night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pressing In

Have you ever asked God to open your eyes and then He does and all of a sudden you're like ....


How did we drift so far away in this particular area?

That's what happened here last night as God totally moved in our house as we all worshiped Him together. TOGETHER.

As I watched #2 run to go get her worship flags I sadly realized it had been a very, very long time since our family turned on Rita Springer and poured ourselves out in worship to the One who loves us extravagantly. I couldn't help but feel the regret of many rushed nights of 2 minute devotions followed by dry, shallow prayers just to say we did it. That feels so Phariseeical (I just broke my Spellcheck function with that word). I mean...we thought our hearts were in it until I saw what true worship looked like last night.....

It was not rushed.

It was peaceful.

It was beautiful.

It was creative.

It was refreshing.

It was all for Him.

Afterwards I started to think of some of the things I had begun to compromise on in our walk as a family, certain TV shows, school activities that contradicted God's word, and even how I've viewed some of the kids giving my kids a rough time. Could this lack of worship as a family be contributing to any of those things? I began to press in and ask God for wisdom and an increase in compassion. I don't want to waste my time with Him on powerless prayers anymore....being in His presence just leaves me wanting more.

Got Silver?

My poor #2 had to miss cheering at last night's game because of a high fever, sore throat, headache and upset tummy. The poor thing laid on my couch moaning that she was dieing and begging me to help her. It was so sad! My aunt, who is a distributor for Nature's Sunshine, gave me a bottle of this and told me to put a teaspoon in a drink for her. I must admit I was skeptical (although, I use their products like vitamins and ALJ, which helps tremendously with #1's sinus problems). When it was time to get up for church, her fever was gone and she only had a bit of a sore throat. I slipped a little more in her breakfast juice and again at lunch. She was her normal self today dancing around and playing! Praise the Lord!

I decided after that I, too, would sign up to get these products for a discount! I got my own bottle of this for $21 instead of $32 and I plan on keeping it very close by! Of course, we prayed for her, too. So, whether God healed her supernaturally or through this bottle of silver doesn't really matter to me! It makes me so very sad to see my family suffer. I'm just so glad she is feeling better!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

You Know It's Been a Busy Week When....

....your kids have survived on school lunches, Pop Tarts and food that other people have cooked for them.

....you can't remember the last time you pooped.

....you rack up a $13 library fine because you have no time to return books.

....you consume coffee in dangerously high quantities to stay awake due to adding an hour long round trip work commute to your already packed chauffeur service for your kids.

....you come home to emails and voicemails in the double digits.

....you begin to wonder which would be quicker: to buy new clothes or do the laundry.

As you can see I'm still working out the kinks and adjusting to life as a part-time working mom. I think if I would have put in 40 hours this week I would have lost my mind. I must say though, I am really enjoying my new job!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To Cheer or Not to Cheer

I was a cheerleader. Back in the day when I was shallow, judgmental and God was merely someone to plead with on the several occasions I nearly got myself killed by poor choices I had made.

In the last 14 plus years of walking with the Lord and being a mom, cheerleading was a no-no. I decided that no daughter of mine was going to be a shallow, hip shaking, stuck up cheerleader. It is just so .....worldy.....and, honestly, does it have value in God's Kingdom? Then, one day God asked if I thought soccer had value in His kingdom....what about PTO? I'm not preaching to anyone at these activities so what puts them in the acceptable category and cheerleading in the taboo column?

The funny thing was that here is my precious daughter, a gift from God who can light up the room with her smile, and He gave her the gift to be a good, even great cheerleader and I was saying no way. Why? Because of my own experience and what other Christians have said about the topic.

Long story short (those of you that know me are like,"Yeah right!") I signed her up and even though it is her first year and she is the youngest girl, she made the older squad. Her coach said to me the other day that she can't believe she is only in third grade, that she is such a good cheerleader! Let me take this opportunity to explain the types of parents that are in cheerleading and help coach. They are not very friendly, they curse, many of them smoke and one pulled away the other day with a lovely bumper sticker joking about a male body part. Uh huh. God, what have I done? But, He reminded me that they need the love of Christ to be demonstrated and this is one of those times that we may just end up getting our hands dirty, but He has given #2 favor and abilities to draw them to her. We cannot look at them through judgmental eyes. And, really when they are with the kids they do a good job encouraging and keeping their 4-letter words to themselves!

It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone, but #2 really enjoys it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If I Don't Post for Awhile You'll Understand Why

Today is my first day of work. I am looking forward to it, but at the same time this is what my week looks like:

Today - work 9-3:30, go right over to set up for Back to School Night at 4pm, come home at 5pm, feed the kids, take #1 to soccer and head back over for Back-to-School night by 6pm.

Tomorrow - work 9-3:30, pick up #1 from drama auditions, head over to church to watch The Husband in the Rainmaker dress rehearsal (thankfully The Husband is off work that day to collect the other 2 kids in the afternoon).

Thursday - work 9-3, meet up with The Husband and kids over by work because we're babysitting for friends so they can attend the opening night of The Rainmaker. Somehow I have to figure out how to pick up subs from a cheerleading fundraiser since I won't be near home that afternoon/evening!

Friday and the weekend don't get much better...in fact, I'm like triple booked on Saturday with 3 soccer games, cheerleading and a kid on worship team at church that night! Again, The Husband has a matinee show, so other than driving to overlapping soccer games in the morning, he will be unable to help me!

Calgon take me away.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings....

Tomorrow begins the third week back to school. There have been some "bumps" in the road, but over all we're off to a good start. Emotions have been running across the board!

One thing that has been a challenge is The Husband participating in our church production of The Rainmaker. While it has been difficult because we really haven't seen him much and he got about 2-3 hours of sleep each night last week, I've heard nothing but rave reviews! I'm so proud of him. Honestly though, as proud as I am, I felt a tad bit jealous that he is so anointed to do something so cool and I'm just kind of here....scooping the cat litter, driving to 3 different soccer practices in a night, and trying to figure out how to spread "all natural" peanut butter on the PBJ's without ripping the bread and lots more fun stuff like that.

Am I over dramatizing the mundane in my life? Of course. I love to take care of my family. But, again the whole "dream" thing revisits and I'm just sort of left here thinking ....Lord, what should I dream? Is that you? Is that me? Is it my overactive imagination? Is it bad pizza? I would NOT want to be in The Husband's place right now because of the sacrifice of time spent away from the kids. I did it when I was in the Pollyanna production and it will be a looooooong time before I do it again. I'm in more of a "supporting role" right now and I'm not talking about on stage. Admittedly, I have put my own desires and dreams on the back burner (whatever they happen to be at any given moment), but I do experience a lot of joy by nurturing and providing the things for my family to go after their dreams. Perhaps that is why I initially struggled with the Sarah Palin nomination. It is my own desperate cry to strike a balance between what I am called to do as a wife/mom and what I am called to do as Melissa. I'm starting to wonder if the only times where I ponder this so desperately are when I have swung the pendulum too far to one of those sides and adjustments are needed.

Hence, my conflicting feelings. But, they are just that. Feelings. I'm still in the process of recognizing what is real and pushing through the emotion to get to that place of understanding. Many times that means remaining silent for a time or I'll do more damage. And, most importantly it pushes me closer to my Father, as I draw close to Him His word says He'll draw close to me. It is in that place He refreshes me to be the best mom I can be. And, it is in that place He reminds me that He has dreams, destiny and purpose...with my name written all over them....and, He is faithful to watch over His word to fulfill it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm a reader. Watching the RNC was the first time in at least 6 months (I'm not kidding) that I watched something besides reruns of Seventh Heaven or something from the Disney Channel because it is what the kids were watching. I'm not a big TV watcher, movies are cool, but TV is pretty boring nowadays. Give me a good book and I'll devour it.

Every once in awhile a book comes along that really stretches me. I'm talking about fiction. Christian fiction. Uncharted by Angela Hunt was like a "whoa" book for me. I also try to be more like characters in some books, like Lance who was so in tune with God that he miraculously served and healed people from the Kristin Heitzman series (Secrets was the first one). I've learned more about compassion, humility, and forgiveness reading this kind of stuff.

I just finished the book Rescued and oh. my. word. I'm like blown away. I'll warn you that it makes eternity very fathomable (is that a word?), and it provoked something in me to go after the lost. It really hit home that the cares/possessions/pride of this world really mean nothing ...that trivial stuff that stresses me out is nothing compared to where our souls will end up spending eternity. Eternity as in FOREVER. Yikes, it almost short circuits my brain if I think too long about it! If you like your books with a good dose of supernatural intensity that is based on scripture, you'll really enjoy this one!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Two Cents on the RNC

I am, by far, no expert, but as the average American Jane I can tell you that as I watched the Republican National Convention I got caught up in it. Finally. Goosebumps and everything. I was just feeling so blah and then the Sarah Palin "controversy" hit the airwaves and it made me start to pay better attention to my party. I had not planned to watch much, if any, of the convention until I heard that she would be speaking. And, I'm so glad I tuned in!

Let me say that I was more impressed with Mike Huckabee endorsing John McCain then I was when he was in the running for the nomination. He was relaxed, funny, and I really enjoyed him pointing out that not all Republicans have grown up with satin socks (I think) and silver spoons. His emphasis on not relying on government struck such a chord with me. My second favorite line from the night....

I’m not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me.

Wolf Blitzer looked as if his skin was crawling when Mike Huckabee finished. Granted, the verbal lashing the "elite, left wing media" is receiving from the Republican Party may be causing a little tension there.

By the way, doesn't Cindy McCain just seem like such a NICE, kind person? I just loved when she reached over and rubbed baby Palin's head. Equally as sweet was his big sister licking her hand and smoothing his hair in place!

By the time Rudy came on stage, though, things were getting a little repetitive and the chanting crowd was starting to get annoying! His comments about Obama's inability to make decisions and lack of leadership were well received, but let's face it, these people were the opening acts for the person we all wanted to hear from. And, speaking of which, I am laying down my constant scrutiny of whether Sarah Palin is doing the right thing by running for VP of our country. I got it all off my chest here and now I am moving forward with the support of these two very qualified individuals. I've debated it internally and externally for long enough and I think we need to unite as moms, women, republicans, Americans, human beings, etc... and give her a chance to make the world a better place (don't I sound so young and naive in that statement?? Do you see what this convention is doing to me?? I want to be a delegate, gosh darn it! Sign me up!).

Well, when Palin came out and the crowd just continued to go wild I had tears in my eyes. She's spunky and I like that. When she addressed the families of children with special needs I teared up again. I also enjoyed hearing about her budget cuts and reform. These were not the empty campaign promises that we are so accustomed to hearing from politicians. She has a track record. And, she delivered the best line of the night.....

"Here's how I look at the choice Americans face in this election. In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change."

Then, John McCain came out and it was like icing on the cake. McCain and Palin. They're a pretty great package.

Wordless Wednesday - We Want a Baby

Technically this is "Wordless Wednesday" and I have pictures with words on them! I feel I must explain.... a lot of my friends my age and older are either pregnant, just had a baby or are trying to have a baby and my girls decided to post little hints around the house.....

In case you may be wondering, the "surgery" would be a reversal (if you know what I mean). Check out more Wordless Wednesdays over at 5 Minutes for Mom!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Straddling the Fence on This One

Just when I want to embrace Sarah Palin as a VP nominee because she just sounds so amazing I keep thinking to myself....Downs Syndrome BABY, pregnant teenage daughter, it just isn't clicking. I am not judging her (I'm a firm believer of "he who is without sin be the first one to cast the stone"). I'm really not judging her. But, I'm RELATING to her. For all the times I felt like Super Woman and bit off wayyyyy more then I could possibly chew and hurt my family in the process. I also think she is being used for the simple fact that she is an extraordinary woman. Emphasis on "woman".

So, just when I am sitting pretty confident in that thought process I think about how great it would be to have a bonafide, normal person in the White House with a Pack and Play set up next to her desk. But, really....is that reality or is it how we all want to envision it? Why should it matter so much what she does with her family? Part of it is because she is going to be a huge role model for (impressionable) young girls. "Breaking the glass ceiling" is the catch phrase of the hour and while it can be a good thing, very few consider what has to be sacrificed to do this. This whole debate makes me wonder what would I advise my daughters in this position... GO FOR IT because this chance is once in a lifetime or you have a family now that needs a mom and a dad to be there for them during this season in life?? Argh. I only hope that as a family they feel called by God to do this, because this chance at making history could come with a high price.

And, then I finally come to the conclusion I've been spending way too much time thinking about it! There is some really great information over at Politics 4 Moms, so go over check it out and participate in the poll!

I should mention that overall I am not "straddling the fence". I'll be supporting the McCain/Palin campaign.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Celebrating the End of Summer

As you can see the novelty of the pool has not worn off....

Hanging out with some of my wonderful friends while the kids frolicked in the pool....

The night ended with making s'mores, a few good hands of cards (Nertz, of course), and a Father/Daughter block tossing game called Koob (that is probably not spelled right)!