Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Praying,,,,

#3 had another rough day yesterday not feeling well from anxiety. Her teacher called me and told me the most pitiful story about her stomach hurting as they lined up for recess and how she cried and wanted her mommy. Then, The Husband stopped in at lunch and she alternated between feeling sick and crying with laughing with him and her friends. She did tell me when she got home that the day was "mostly good, but Mrs. G would not let me go to the nurse".

#3 does not understand that her worry is causing the physical symptoms. I tried to explain to her that when she is thinking about what is going to happen at recess and lunch, those are the times she feels sick. We are now walking the delicate balance of her understanding that if her teacher thinks she is sick with an illness she will be allowed to go to the nurse, but this is different. And, her teacher told her that since I was at work I can't come get her. I had to clarify that one, too! I explained that if she was sick or something happened that she really needed me that I would leave work right away to be at school for her.

I know the teacher was only trying to help, but I do not want any of my kids to think a job is more important than them! Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you posted! I'm planning to go in for lunch today, which I usually do on Thursdays anyway.

And, one more request....GAS is going in for a hip replacement tomorrow and will be at the hospital and rehab for the next month. She just turned 87 last week so I'm sure you understand the medical risks involved. We're not ready for her to go Home, yet! The girls seem a little worried about her surgery and I do not want to add to the anxiety level around here!

On a side note, after I posted about this situation the other night I was so worked up I was shaking. I got into bed and just kept thinking about it...all of a sudden the shaking stopped and I felt peaceful. I realized that someone must have been praying for us right then and there! It encouraged me that if I felt better, of course, He will make #3 feel better.

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Beautiful Grace said...

I prayed to day at 11am and 12N. Declaring the warrior spirit to rise up in #3.