Monday, September 29, 2008

Some More Random Randomness in My Life

For all of you awesome prayer warriors: I want to update you on #3. She spent the weekend (especially Saturday) having an upset stomach and crying about going to school on Monday. She even closed her eyes when we drove past the school to pick up a friend on Sunday. I would have laughed if I thought she was just being over dramatic, but we've endured one of the roughest weeks I can remember. This morning she threw up twice before school, would not eat or drink any breakfast and cried off and on with one particularly bad episode as I put on her shoes. I stayed calm and just prayed Scripture over her and she finally walked tearfully into school. I was bound and determined at that point that what the enemy (devil) is trying to destroy her with, God will use to add people to His Kingdom one day. I don't know how other then #3 is learning to be one tough cookie and we're teaching her to rely on Jesus for her strength. And, she talks to God throughout her day and says that He helps her. As for the rest of today, she skipped her snack at school and ate a cookie and 2 bites of sandwich from her lunch. She ate the rest of her lunch on the car ride home from school and has been fine since then. Very few tears and no upset tummy at bedtime. Hallelujah! That's progress!

Work is going well with me. I am enjoying it and apparently the last few people who held my position are making me look really good. I am told every day how happy they are to see that I keep coming back to work (the last person left after the first day) and today I found a homemade sign on my cubicle with my name on it and underneath Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire. I was feeling the love. But really, this is very much a mission field. It's called "Religion" and it is just as deceiving as every other false god out there. Enough on that for now. I do really like the people I work with and I am thrilled at where God is leading me!

GAS is recuperating well from her hip replacement. She is supposed to be in rehab for about 3-4 weeks so she isn't left unattended, but some doctor went in today and told her she could come home on Friday if she continues to do well. I burst her bubble and said NO WAY. I don't want her to fall and need help and I'm not here. I know that sounds mean, but she is as stubborn as little old German ladies come and I don't want to come home one afternoon to a disaster. My trauma limit has been surpassed by #3's ordeal. Nope. She's staying at rehab where I know she'll get all the attention she needs and she can flirt with the single, cute male therapists.

After a weekend of watching soccer and football in the rain (poor #2 had to actually play soccer and cheer with no umbrella or rain gear!) my van smells like wet possum. I had to take everything out that got even a little damp and the chairs need a hefty dose of Fabreeze. I was hoping I didn't walk into work this morning smelling like my stinky van.

I will continue to ask you to pray for #3....I am so appreciative. I know not everyone who reads my blog understands the "Christianese" I use, but it is a battle. A spiritual battle and the Bible says it is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. I believe we ticked off some of those powers and principalities (namely witchcraft in this area) and this anxiety in her (and even me) is an attempt to make us back down from going after everything God has called us to in this school and community. Well, I am reminded that the devil is not the opposite of God. He is a fallen angel who will be cast into the fiery lake for eternity by a nameless angel.

Who holds the power? That would be my God. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This trial we're in continues to reaffirm that we will not stop going after the plans and purposes of God. We will see a victory. I believe it whole heartily!


Anonymous said...

I tagged you (completely optional if you want to play along)!

Natalie said...


I can't tell you how much #3 has been on my mind over the last week. Please let her know that she isn't alone. I am lifting her up in prayer as are many others.

thanks for the update!