Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Much More iCarly Can I Watch Before I Lose My Mind?

The novelty is wearing off. Cooking, waiting on sick kids and just watching boatloads of snow continue to come down has me in a semi-coma right now. Is 6:20pm too early to go to bed? Not the kids....I mean me.

The Husband is a trooper. Of course, he spent the better part of the day snow blowing our driveway. He came in after a few hours and looked like the Abominable Snowman. After a yummy dinner of broccoli cheese soup, corn bread, and the grand finale of chocolate cupcakes with homemade pink buttercream frosting, he looked out the window and saw the neighbors across the street trying to dig out their cars. It pained him to watch, so he bundled back up again and headed over to snow blow them out, after he went back up on the sunroom roof to shovel it. This man is worth his weight in gold. In fact, he is worth much more than that....I'd say he's downright priceless!

The kids have been pretty good considering the younger two are sick with fevers and sore throats (not really, they have been bickering and picking at each other a lot, but I eventually tuned them out). #1 did a great job of playing her keyboard and singing to us all day in between spurts of TV and Wii. Oddly enough, we drank a bunch of milk and ate a ton of eggs, so I'm starting to get concerned I might need to run out for more. Or, we could always eat and drink something else. :)

I was kept entertained today by a dispute with PayPal that is way too long and stressful to get into now. To summarize, some lady ripped me off by disputing something I sold her, but instead of PayPal emailing the dispute to my updated email address, where they send all my other notifications, they sent it to an old email on the account. Because I never responded in the set amount of time due to them sending the emails to an old account, the buyer got her money back and PayPal sent me to collections for $32. I tried emailing ebay and the lady to at least return the item, but surprise, she does not respond. Stupid PayPal....I don't even know what the dispute was, the item was brand new and she got a great deal! They refuse to appeal it because it is not in their "set" time frame. I thanked them for allowing someone to steal from me and assured them I'll never utilize their services again. To which, they basically responded, sorry about that, but how would you like to pay your $32 bill or our collection agency will haunt you 37 times a day? Instead of going postal, I almost went PayPal (postal times 10).

Well, it's time to go look out the window and sigh loudly that the snow is still out there. And, then I'll wander back in to watch my 13th episode of iCarly in the last 24 hours. In the future, I'll make sure I make a trip to the library, instead of the grocery store, before our next blizzard!

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