Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baking the Night Away

I love my husband. I really do. You know I love him despite the latest object he has brought into our bedroom.

I've nicknamed it the "convection oven". It is really a little heater I had gotten to take into work to put under my desk since I am always freezing prior to noon. That idea sounded good in theory, but when I leave for work in the morning, with not two, but four girls to drop off, my lunch and my gym bag I reached the conclusion it is easier to just bring a sweater. #1 had wanted the little heater in her room, but one night The Husband announced that #1 has the warmest room in the house, so he confiscated it.

We already have a QUIET ceramic heater in our room (emphasis on the word QUIET) that keeps the chill out. The first few nights I thought it was cute that The Husband put the "convection oven" on his nightstand and blew it on high all night long. He really, really liked it. The problem is that I would eventually start waking up through the night without a drop of saliva in my mouth and my skin was wrinkling at the rate of about 1.3 years per night. It was dryyyyy. When I mentioned (complained) to The Husband he came up with a perfectly reasonable solution the following night. A humidifier. With all the air blowing around our room now, it sounds like an airport. He was quite impressed that he had gotten the humidity up to 48% last night. I, of course, can't fall asleep with all this racket, so the bags under my eyes now slightly distract from all the dry skin peeling off of my face. And, 48% humidity or not I still wake up with a throat as dry as the desert!

Now, I have even more of a reason to despise these winter months! Spring come quickly before I look like I'm eighty when I celebrate my fortieth!

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