Friday, February 26, 2010

I Think All This Cold Weather Has Frozen What is Left of My Brain

I've been thinking odd thoughts lately and then I went ahead last night and took the first step in making one of those odd ideas a reality.

If you've been stopping by my blog over the last few years then you are aware that our dog is not a "kid-friendly" dog. When she isn't ignoring us or growling at us, she plays so hard that somebody usually gets knocked down. The girls and I have pretty much given her entirely over to The Husband and now we treat her like we do the lawn mower. Like, it's fun to ride on once in awhile, but that belongs to Daddy or it's okay to look at her, but don't touch her.

The guilt of having a cat they are allergic to and a giant dog they can't play with has made me consider getting a smaller dog just for the girls to call their own. But, with that comes more time and money that I have to spend taking care of it and I have reached my maximum responsibility level for keeping all things under my roof alive and well. So, another idea hit me!

Hamsters! It would give the girls a pet they could love and take care of all by themselves! The Husband would be a tough sell, but I could probably talk him into two little hamsters for the girls as an Easter present (because we all see the obvious connection with furry rodents and Christ's love for us, right? Ok, maybe not, but I'm sure I can come up with some way to make it a valuable object lesson....I mean they are almost like bunnies or sheep, just smaller).

Then, yesterday we got an email from a friend that the family guinea pig had babies and they are giving them away.

So, guess who emailed her that they are interested in adopting a few of the babies. ME! Shhhh....don't tell the kids! Do you see what all this snow does to me?? I have completely lost my mind!

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