Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trivial Guinea Pig Trivia

We are the proud owners of two new guinea pigs (females, of course, because that's all that seem to live here with the exception of The Husband, whose testosterone is slowly being sucked out of his body being surrounded on a daily basis by all these female animals and people).

Here's a summary of the last twenty-four hours at the oH mY wORD house:

1. Our theme for this pet project is "Cheap" so the FREE guinea pigs that came with FREE food and FREE bedding are staying in an existing dog crate. Not the best for holding all the bedding inside nice and neatly. I look at the bedding (wood shavings) laying all over the living room and have grabbed my Swiffer no less than 17 times. I have asked The Husband to work on that.

2. They poop constantly. Their poop is not so bad. Think mini coffee beans or the pellets that you actually feed them. We caught on last night that it is best to put a towel on your lap and then hold them. I now have an entire load of laundry as a result of this set up. I'm going to invent some sort of eco-friendly, guinea pig disposable poop cloth. Remember, you read it here first!!

3. They don't smell!! I refuse to let them smell!! The friends we got them from had two adult guinea pigs and the three babies and you would never know they had any animals there. Don't believe the rumors you hear....due to my occasional OCDness these little piggies will grow up unscented.

4. Teenagers take a little longer to be excited about owning rodents than elementary aged children.

5. Guinea pigs are sweet, cute and if you could somehow get them to stop pooping every 6.23 minutes, they would be perfect pets. The girls are so thrilled with them, #3 carries "Hershey" around with her constantly and I have no doubt these piggies will live a long life filled with lots of love!


Classic MaMa said...

:) They are the best pets. We've had our Kibble for about 3 years now and we love him. He used to be small, but now is the size of a rabbit. :)

Lovinclaydolls said...

Cute!!! I have made hundreds of Guinea pigs out of wool, but never had one in real life...I may have to come for a visit! :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

Heh. #'s 1-5 just sealed the deal for me. We are remaining a furry rodent pet free zone. Our chubby, snoring, grouchy diva kitty is enough. For anyone. She's enough.