Friday, February 12, 2010

Poop On You, CVS!

I'm a bit irritated. And, my title is completely relevant to my story.

I took all three girls to the doctor today and they all have various ear, nose and throat infections requiring antibiotics. Normally, I have our prescriptions filled at Costco, but I had a "free $25 gift card with a new prescription" coupon from CVS. Now, don't get me wrong. I like CVS for my "buy one get one free" hair color and $.99 toothpaste after Bonus Bucks; however, I have never, nor will I ever be, a fan of the CVS pharmacy closest to my house.

First of all, they are not always very friendly. They always look frazzled and they never, I repeat never, have my prescription ready whether it is twenty minutes or five hours after the doctor emails it over. Today was no exception. In fact, today they tried to tell me it wasn't even there and then, as I was calling the doctor's office on my cell phone, they "found it" (in their inbox of their email, imagine that!).

The other reason is the lonnnnngggg line down Aisle Ten that is required when picking up a prescription. Aisle Ten is home to the enemas. Why wouldn't they put make-up or greeting cards there? It isn't like I'm going to grab a few enemas as an impulse purchase! And, it requires everyone in line to look straight ahead, no glancing around. Unless, of course, you are with my children who say things like "Mommy, what is the guy on that box doing?" then "What's an enema?" and "EWWWWWW". I finally got to the register and was told after they finally found the email that it would be at least twenty minutes. I asked if they would call my name when it was ready to which the not-so-nice lady replied yes, but it will be probably more than twenty minutes. I said that was fine and asked if I had to get back in line (IN THE ENEMA-INFESTED AISLE, I wanted to shout), to which she rather smugly replied yes.

"No thanks" I told her, "we'll be back!".

Maybe. Or, maybe I'll call the doctor's office and ask them to send the prescription over to Costco. I'm not sure if the $25 gift card is worth me throwing boxes of enemas at the pharmacy workers. :)

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