Monday, February 1, 2010

Ready for My Wings!

I feel like I'm emerging from my cocoon! Since the beginning of January I have lost almost ten pounds and I feel energized. I get more sleep, I've been exercising, I have more energy and most of all, I feel like I am "resting" in the Lord during so many potential problems that come up each day. I also have committed to reading the entire Bible in a year. Today's section was about Moses. And, it was good!

There is so much to ponder upon Moses and his story. The fact that he killed the Egyptian who was beating the Hebrew slave is such a story of God's redemptive power (something we can all appreciate!). Moses flees for his life, then God eventually meets up with him in the form of a burning bush to tell Moses that he has been chosen to deliver the Israelites from captivity and Moses was probably looking around pointing to himself like " Are you sure?". I think that was a defining moment for Moses...his emerging from a cocoon that probably didn't feel very good at the time. If it wasn't Pharaoh going up against him, it was his own people or his own insecurities. But, the cool thing about the whole story is that God was faithful to do what He said He would do. I imagine that did a little something to Moses's faith, which in turn transformed him from a stuttering, self-conscious guy on the run to the leader who rescued a nation.

Can't we look back on our own lives and see the faithfulness of God? What has kept us in our cocoons? Pain, rejection, fear, confusion, disappointment, unforgiveness, comfort.....I know my story and God has been drawing some of this out of me. I don't want to go to the next assignment carrying baggage with me. It's time to break out and spread my wings....and trust that the God of Moses is as faithful today as He was on the day He parted the Red Sea.

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