Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Got Milk?

The snow is coming! The snow is coming!

Thankfully, I had overstocked after last week's storm, so I did not have to go anywhere near a grocery store in the last 24 hours except to return a Red Box movie. Although, there is something to be said for making that trip to the grocery store before a snow storm....it reminds me of the camaraderie of Black Friday or standing in a long line for the ladies room during a concert. It is one of the few occasions that you find yourself bonding with total strangers. At the grocery store we all laugh at the people who are there buying bread and milk until we look in our own shopping carts and realize we are buying them, too.

I type this now to distract myself from the fact that The Husband is on top of our sunroom shoveling snow off of our roof. In the dark. While it's snowing. With a broken leg. Just kidding about the broken leg (hopefully, that wasn't me being prophetic, just joking! Really!). The rest of it is true. We had some leakage in the sunroom on Monday as snow was beginning to melt and being blessed (or, cursed) with an overactive imagination I pictured the sunroom roof caving in around 4am this morning as the next foot of snow arrives. The Husband, who I believe actually enjoys walking on the roof in the snow and freezing temperatures, was quick to offer his assistance. So, after a short time of watching The Dog trying to figure out what the scraping noise on the ceiling is, I figured I'd get online and do some EXCITING LIVE BLOGGING of the actual event as it is happening. Just like those people who do it for American Idol....which I plan to do one day soon since this is my first season I've actually watched it from the beginning and I like it. Let's hear it for all my overrun sentences tonight. Sorry about that. It's just the excitement of the moment, because I just heard a sliding noise on the roof, so I think I better go....

Alright, The Husband is okay, but #1 just awoke wondering what the noise was. Now, I'm starting to grow concerned that rather than snow caving the roof in, maybe The Husband will do that all by himself. Wouldn't that be irony? Or, would that be a paradox? Most importantly, would my homeowners cover that?

Time to go turn up the heat and talk myself out of the seasonal depression that threatens to set in every February, which is somehow magnified this year probably because I'm turning forty and doing nothing with my life, blah, blah, blah.....please someone get me a pair of flip flops and everything will be alright!

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