Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Okay...technically this won't be "wordless" because I must explain why going to the McCain / Palin rally was extra entertaining.

When Sarah Marince was warming up the crowd today, she sang "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" and #3 leaned over and asked me why she "felt like a walnut"!

Next, the same Sarah said John McCain is a good man and sang a song about finding a good man. In the middle of the song she yelled out to the crowd, "What ladies out there are looking for a good man?" and #3 shot her hand up in the air, much to the embarrassment of her sisters.

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It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want To

I've been hesitant to dedicate an entire post to the election; however, I just can't and won't contain myself anymore.

If any of you are undecided or have decided to vote for Obama, but have some reservations please consider a few things:

1. The world will not be a safer place if Obama is president. People have got to know this deep down inside!! There are dangerous people in other countries that require a firm hand and not a bunch of rhetoric.

2. Unborn, partially born and aborted babies who live through the abortion procedure will be murdered. And, teenage girls who are not even allowed to take an aspirin in school without their parent's permission will be allowed to get an abortion without a parent's consent.

3. Obama has relationships with organizations and individuals that are dangerous. See point #1.

4. Obama lies. He said he would not fund his campaign privately and he did it anyway.

While I am not trying to gloss over the problems in our country I just cannot go along with the fact that we are not in as desperate of times as people say we are. We are a blessed country. A bigger government is not going to fix our economy. Personal responsibility and people being rewarded for hard, honest work is what is going to solve this problem. Cut up the credit cards and learn to save again, America. But, too many people are going after a candidate who promises a "quick fix" and they are ignoring the obvious. Barack Obama is not qualified to run our country. I strongly encourage you to look past the smoke and mirrors and research his true agendas.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

He is an Ever Present Help in Time of Need

Sometimes the most difficult storms we face come with no warning or no real tragedy attached to them. I have been trying to kick a habit or two lately and the more I try, the worse it seems to be going.

I believe my root problem deals with a lack of self-control. The 2 places I feel stuck right now involve yelling at my kids and my weight. And, I keep blowing it. Day after day.

I have issues with yelling to make things happen at our house. I hate it. I always feel bad immediately after. I have no problem asking my family to forgive me, but then I dwell on it (instant replay over and over). I ask God to forgive me and I know He does. His mercies are new everyday. Why do I continue to dwell on it? Because I've come to the conclusion I am struggling to believe that I can actually do it. And, God told me I can't do it. On my own.

I have got to daily give it over (did I say daily? I meant hourly) to Christ. I need to recognize the signs of frustration before it comes gushing out and I feel my vocal chords straining. I need to let true forgiveness sink down deep inside my heart, so I can let my mistakes go and thank the Lord He came to make ALL things new. He said that He removes our sins from us as far as the east is from the west. I really can't begin to comprehend that.

As far as the weight issue, I've struggled for about 14 years with losing weight and keeping it off. I feel as if I've pretty much given up. The only reason I even try anymore is when my clothes start to get too tight I lose a few pounds simply because I can't afford to buy anything new. I can't stand having my picture taken unless someone is blocking me from the neck down. I want to be healthy and set a good example for my kids, so this has really been difficult and I have reached a crossroad. I'm either going to say forget it or I'm going to press in and really do something about it. Again, I feel guilty that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit and I can barely zip my jeans.

I am not sharing this as a pity party, I am merely sharing this to tell you that it is during these valleys that we go through that God can really work on us because we are yielded to Him. I've reached a point in these areas where I am 100% certain I cannot change on my own. I need a Savior. A loving Counselor who can lead me down the right paths. And, even though it is an end result I'm seeking, I know He'll teach me something wonderful in the journey. Just like He's done before.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You, Jesus

My alarm usually goes off at 6:10 am, but for some reason this morning it went off at 4:10 am. As soon as I heard it I felt like I should pray for The Husband to be safe and protected since he had already left for work. I reset the alarm and fell back to sleep. At 6:25 am The Husband called to say "Hi" and I mentioned that I had prayed for him. He told me at 4:10 as he was driving down the road to work he thought to himself a deer is going to run out in the road. He no sooner thought that when a large buck walked out in front of his SUV. The Husband locked up his breaks and skidded to a stop, barely missing it. He said the deer never ran away, it just kept walking.

God has been teaching me lately to pray without ceasing. The normal nagging "self talk" has been replaced with a grateful heart, that more often than not, is asking Him for direction or meditating on scripture. It has caused me to have more peace consistently and a much better outlook on life! And, I think it is normal to "talk" to God throughout our days (and, nights). I'm so glad He woke me this morning to intercede for my husband (and the deer!).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It Was a Family Affair

We decided to tackle a half bushel of apples. #1 made her first apple dumpling, and we made a lot of apple sauce. It was fun; however, they all abandoned me to clean up the kitchen all by myself!! And, The Husband strategically placed himself at the look-through window to watch the football game while he peeled!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Walk Down Memory Lane with Me

My life has been so packed that when I sit down to the computer I can barely put a sentence together and forget about good grammar and spelling! So, I've searched my archives and put together a little highlight reel, especially for some of my newer visitors (all 2.7 of you).

I'm convinced that she'd eat me to get me out of the way: The Other Woman

Some of you may recall my disdain for all things "Etsy", so I wrote this post for Natalie: Coming Soon to Etsy

This is just one of the many examples of how #3 cracks (get it? cracks?) me up on a daily basis: There is More Than One Way to Scramble an Egg!

And, I couldn't leave out every one's favorite horrifying little story that they can all relate to: A Little Poop Story of My Own

Monday, October 13, 2008

Restroom Ministry

There is a new craze hitting....it's the flush and prayer ministry!

Okay...let me explain. Pastor "PSU" at our church has shared his testimony recently of feeling like he was supposed to pray for a man that he ran into a second time in a mall restroom. It was a great story of our pastor being obedient to God and taking a risk. Had he not so recently shared this (I heard the story twice in fact) I may not have done what I did tonight. In the restroom.

Tonight we had a dinner scheduled as a fundraiser for our PTO at Hoss's where they donate 20% of the sales from our group to our PTO. We weren't going to go, but I figured since I'm co-president and it was my idea, we better make a trip over. After gorging myself, #3 had to go to use the restroom so she and I went together. I could tell from the sounds inside her stall we were going to be awhile (she will most definitely hurt me one day when she's older for telling that part of the story!). While I was leaning on the wall outside her stall I noticed a lady with a cane at the sink. Just as I started to come out of my semi-comatose state I realized I was supposed to pray for her. But, then she disappeared into a stall. I figured #3 had to be coming out soon....c'mon #3......what in the world is taking so long.....can I get you a newspaper? Magazine?....so, I started to pray like crazy for the lady to come out so I could talk to her. Then, I got nervous because #1 - we were in a bathroom....awk-ward. #2 - I just ate onion rings and #3 - well, #3 could come flying outta her stall in the middle of it all and distract me to the point of babbling.

I just knew I was going to pray for her no matter what. No use being nervous and well, I hope she would be forgiving about the whole onion ring breath-thing. She came out before #3 (shocking) and as she finished washing her hands (I did allow her to keep things sanitary...you know...in the BATHROOM). I asked her if I could pray for her and she looked at me like I asked her something in Russian. So, I repeated myself, but added that I like to pray for people and the question "why do you need your cane?". She told me she had fallen and broken her leg in 3 places and crushed her pelvis. I asked her what her name was and I told her mine. I asked her if it would be alright for me to pray for her because I had the feeling she was in a lot of pain. She agreed that she was and so I knelt down and touched her leg (did, I mention we were in a bathroom?) and prayed for the pain to be gone and for Jesus to heal the broken, crushed places and for Him to give her peace and comfort. What took place when I stood back up and looked at her in the eyes was almost as astounding as any physical healing could ever be. I started to wonder if maybe her pelvis and leg weren't the only things crushed and broken inside of her. She had tears in her eyes and told me that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her and I was going to make her cry. Her entire countenance had changed and she smiled for the first time. I hugged her (in the bathroom , remember) and just as we walked to the door more people started to come in. I silently thanked God for those few minutes alone with her to be able to minister the love and healing power of Jesus Christ. I told her that I would remember to keep her in my prayers. She walked out of the restaurant in what seemed to be like a daze and I noticed she wasn't limping as badly. Meanwhile, #3 had already made her escape during the talking part and was at our table when I returned.

It was another reminder of a world hungry for Christians who really care and aren't just going to preach at them. Thank you, Pastor PSU, for starting a chain reaction!

Living the Dream

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth!

I have been relishing the last 4 days off from school and work with my precious family! We've played in 4 soccer games, cheered a football game, hung out with friends, eaten several dinners outside by the fire, and a drum roll please..........

#3 rode her bike without training wheels for the first time on Friday!

Another milestone reached for the last (sniff) time by my youngest child. She took to it like a duck to water and in no less then 2 tries and 90 seconds she took off riding with no help whatsoever. I am not exaggerating! She's been riding since then every chance she gets (which has been quite often with this gorgeous weather we've been enjoying).

I'm finding that my window for blogging is open much less frequently due to working, laundry, cleaning, and quality family and God time. Even as I type this, I cleaned our play room and went through old clothes, but must still finish off the job with a good vacuum and "de-cat hairing" of the couch. However, we had to take a 2 hour break for lunch at the park with our neighbors and get some more bike riding in. Glorious, I tell you.

My co-workers tease me that "I'm living the dream" and they're right! Despite the mundaneness of c0oking, cleaning and laundry I love my life and I feel so blessed to share it with my wonderful family and friends!

Monday, October 6, 2008

And, Everybody Said "Amen"

I am happy, in fact, overwhelmed to report that #3 went to school this morning for the first time in 2 weeks without:

1. Crying

2. Throwing Up

3. Chest pains

In fact, she exhibited no signs of anxiety this morning and ate breakfast for the first time since this ordeal began. My girl is back and few things make my heart go pitter pat like watching her cheerfully walk into school these days. It is strange how much I used to take that for granted at drop off. Now, I'm praising God with a thankful heart as I pull away from the curb each morning!

Tomorrow she wants to ride the bus. I'm not wanting to "rock the boat" so we'll just have to see about that one! I'd like to get a few more days past all the trauma before we do anything that could set her back again.

I really believe her healing was a result of many prayers and I appreciate all of you who lifted her up! Now that the worst is behind us I am trying not to linger on the awful memories and guilt I was desperately suppressing each day when I sent her sobbing and sick into school. Again, I just keep praying that what was meant to destroy will be a tactical error on the enemy's part and now #3 will be an instrument of peace in God's kingdom. I'm not going to look back at the pain, but instead look ahead towards the prize.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paging #2 and #3. Stat.

We visited GAS (who is recouperating from a hip replacement) today at her new temporary rehab center (nursing home) and it was a typical adventure oH- mY-wORD-fAMILY-style! As I unpacked GAS's clothing and personal items, #2 and #3 found the gloves in the bathroom and were filling them with water. Then, we were teaching GAS (who is deaf in one ear) how to use her new prepaid cell phone. Her roommate laughed like we were the funniest thing she has seen in a long while! After about 20 minutes of being the loudest room in the entire complex, I decided we'd better scoot out of there before we got ourselves thrown out! We did pray for her and her rommie so when we left it was peaceful!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Sitting Here Watching the Debate

I kinda feel bad for Sarah Palin and the negative press she has been getting. She really is great. She seems more real to me then any politician I've ever seen. She's just so unknown. Joe Biden put a lump in my throat when he spoke of knowing what it feels like to raise a child on his own, referring to his wife and daughter being killed and him raising their 2 sons. That wasn't staged...he was being genuine.

I actually think this debate is going well for both sides.

I continue to be amazed that Barack Obama remains so popular. I recall reading a Newsweek article about him a few years ago. The article basically said that while he is a great speaker, charismatic person, he is just too extreme left for mainstream America. Newsweek basically wrote him off as a serious candidate in 2008.

So, here we sit a month away from the elections. Our economy is in shambles and everyone wants to blame someone else. It is not much of a surprise given our consumer mentality. It really would be amazing to get government leadership and policy in there where "less is more". Is it really possible to reform and overhaul this broken system? Or, have we gone too far to try to reign it all in now? And, on a whole different level, is God starting to remove His hand from our country because of how far we continue to fall away from Him as a nation?