Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Okay...technically this won't be "wordless" because I must explain why going to the McCain / Palin rally was extra entertaining.

When Sarah Marince was warming up the crowd today, she sang "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" and #3 leaned over and asked me why she "felt like a walnut"!

Next, the same Sarah said John McCain is a good man and sang a song about finding a good man. In the middle of the song she yelled out to the crowd, "What ladies out there are looking for a good man?" and #3 shot her hand up in the air, much to the embarrassment of her sisters.

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Natalie said...

Didn't even know you're other two were there. I just saw you and #3 huddling in the rain.

I couldn't believe Sarah Marince was 18...very poised and older looking. great voice.

Loved your stories.

Livin' Life said...

Wow, you guys are a dedicated group. I will be voting this Tue. but not a morning person so there was no way I was getting up and standing in the rain for my party. You are political super heros in my book!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. My oldest and I wer there. We were standing on the floor - about 40 feet from the platform. It was quite refreshing to hear Palin and McCain in person. I was very encouraged.

However, my oldest just told me how loud it was. I told him, "this isn't loud, you should be here for a concert if you want to hear loud."

No umbrellas. Wet. Rain. Wind. It's ok - we all dried off for the 90 minutes that we were waiting inside.

(unrelevant) wow...just looked down and the 'word verification' for this comment post - it's funpoty...that's odd ;)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, posts like this REALLY must be prefaced with a "Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi spewing" warning. Please, for the sake of my keyboard. Please. The Boss will thank you.