Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Sitting Here Watching the Debate

I kinda feel bad for Sarah Palin and the negative press she has been getting. She really is great. She seems more real to me then any politician I've ever seen. She's just so unknown. Joe Biden put a lump in my throat when he spoke of knowing what it feels like to raise a child on his own, referring to his wife and daughter being killed and him raising their 2 sons. That wasn't staged...he was being genuine.

I actually think this debate is going well for both sides.

I continue to be amazed that Barack Obama remains so popular. I recall reading a Newsweek article about him a few years ago. The article basically said that while he is a great speaker, charismatic person, he is just too extreme left for mainstream America. Newsweek basically wrote him off as a serious candidate in 2008.

So, here we sit a month away from the elections. Our economy is in shambles and everyone wants to blame someone else. It is not much of a surprise given our consumer mentality. It really would be amazing to get government leadership and policy in there where "less is more". Is it really possible to reform and overhaul this broken system? Or, have we gone too far to try to reign it all in now? And, on a whole different level, is God starting to remove His hand from our country because of how far we continue to fall away from Him as a nation?

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I wanted to share this post from a friend of mine:

Very good stuff there. He writes from a letter from Lou Engle…

"As you know, for years we have stood in prayer for the ending of abortion. Tuesday night a key friend of mine received this dream:

I had a very short dream, yet it is an exhortation to pray for the vice presidential debate this Thursday evening. In the dream, I was reading Friday's paper (the day after the debate). There were two papers. One said, "Palin hits a home run," while the second said, "Palin strikes out." As I was looking at those two papers, I found myself back at the debate and saw the darkness and powers surrounding the event. Great darkness had been assigned to the debate, and the church was not seeing it nor taking it soberly.

Would you pray with thousands of others today and during the debate tonight for God's supernatural hand to attend this profound Esther moment? Thank you!"

The we see headlines today like: