Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You, Jesus

My alarm usually goes off at 6:10 am, but for some reason this morning it went off at 4:10 am. As soon as I heard it I felt like I should pray for The Husband to be safe and protected since he had already left for work. I reset the alarm and fell back to sleep. At 6:25 am The Husband called to say "Hi" and I mentioned that I had prayed for him. He told me at 4:10 as he was driving down the road to work he thought to himself a deer is going to run out in the road. He no sooner thought that when a large buck walked out in front of his SUV. The Husband locked up his breaks and skidded to a stop, barely missing it. He said the deer never ran away, it just kept walking.

God has been teaching me lately to pray without ceasing. The normal nagging "self talk" has been replaced with a grateful heart, that more often than not, is asking Him for direction or meditating on scripture. It has caused me to have more peace consistently and a much better outlook on life! And, I think it is normal to "talk" to God throughout our days (and, nights). I'm so glad He woke me this morning to intercede for my husband (and the deer!).

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Anonymous said...

I wondered if there might be any significance to 4:10?

Luke 4:10 ...For the Scriptures say, 'He will order his angels to protect and guard you...