Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want To

I've been hesitant to dedicate an entire post to the election; however, I just can't and won't contain myself anymore.

If any of you are undecided or have decided to vote for Obama, but have some reservations please consider a few things:

1. The world will not be a safer place if Obama is president. People have got to know this deep down inside!! There are dangerous people in other countries that require a firm hand and not a bunch of rhetoric.

2. Unborn, partially born and aborted babies who live through the abortion procedure will be murdered. And, teenage girls who are not even allowed to take an aspirin in school without their parent's permission will be allowed to get an abortion without a parent's consent.

3. Obama has relationships with organizations and individuals that are dangerous. See point #1.

4. Obama lies. He said he would not fund his campaign privately and he did it anyway.

While I am not trying to gloss over the problems in our country I just cannot go along with the fact that we are not in as desperate of times as people say we are. We are a blessed country. A bigger government is not going to fix our economy. Personal responsibility and people being rewarded for hard, honest work is what is going to solve this problem. Cut up the credit cards and learn to save again, America. But, too many people are going after a candidate who promises a "quick fix" and they are ignoring the obvious. Barack Obama is not qualified to run our country. I strongly encourage you to look past the smoke and mirrors and research his true agendas.


Iam4Jesus said...

I have hesitated to write about this very thing. I'm not even sure where to begin to write.

I took my oldest this morning to hear McCain & Palin speak at the Giant Center in Hershey. It was cold and rainy at 6:30am, and they don't let us bring umbrellas into the Arena....so, we got wet.

Both Palin's and Mccain's speeches were short - but to the point. Certainly not as anointed as, say, our pastors might be - but very encouraging and impressive to hear in person.

It saddens me to hear of the many Christians who have been deceived by Obama's "positive" and so-called Christian star-status..

Iam4Jesus said...

I forgot to add a link in my last comment...showing how much of the church in America has been deceived with Obama's "Christian" message....

Here's the link. It's very disheartening to read some of his outright lies that much of the church as bought into.

He has been called "a messiah"...even by people who claim to be Christians!! (it's just plain scary!) Some called him their personal Jesus!!

And this is scary, the Obamessiah blog.

Natalie said...

Sounds like someone inspired you this morning...

Good to see you. You look good soaken wet!