Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paging #2 and #3. Stat.

We visited GAS (who is recouperating from a hip replacement) today at her new temporary rehab center (nursing home) and it was a typical adventure oH- mY-wORD-fAMILY-style! As I unpacked GAS's clothing and personal items, #2 and #3 found the gloves in the bathroom and were filling them with water. Then, we were teaching GAS (who is deaf in one ear) how to use her new prepaid cell phone. Her roommate laughed like we were the funniest thing she has seen in a long while! After about 20 minutes of being the loudest room in the entire complex, I decided we'd better scoot out of there before we got ourselves thrown out! We did pray for her and her rommie so when we left it was peaceful!

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