Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Question of the Week?

I know I've thought about it a few times this week. The drama. The physical and emotional drain. The overwhelming feelings that suck any sane thought from my brain....the question that keeps burning in my soul....

Will I survive the last month as PTO president without going postal?

There is a reason it is a two-year term limit. And, oddly enough, nobody is lining up to be my successor.

Alright, just admitting that makes me feel better. In addition, I think the experience has helped me to learn to play better with others. However, we are only 58 hours away from our biggest event of the year that I've somehow allowed myself to be sucked way too deep into. Maybe the 3.2 hours of sleep I am getting each night has something to do with being sensitive and cranky. On the other hand, maybe it is some of the people I must work alongside. Or, maybe it is the people who do nothing at all. Or, maybe it's me. Bingo! We have a winner! I can't take responsibility for what other people do and say, but I certainly need to take responsibility for how I react to them.  Time to approach this from a different angle....

I will now focus on the reason I am involved in PTO. For my children. For my children's classmates and their families. And, because I like to plan events and everything else in my little world. I am not there to feel insecure, defensive, and intimidated so I will stop all of that right now. I am now removing the chip off of my shoulder and I will step down off of my soapbox to move forward with confidence. Then, maybe I'll try to get an extra hour or two of sleep!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day? Or, Happy My Purse Didn't Get Stolen Day?

The family and I decided to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate Earth Day. No, not really to celebrate was more like it was the only night in three weeks we did not have to take someone somewhere for some kind of activity/commitment. That seemed worth celebrating over some Mexican food...that and the buy one get one free coupon burning a hole in my Entertainment Book. But, speaking of Earth Day (let's go off road for a moment, okay?), I'm all about saving the planet, going green, peace out, Dude, but really? Americans will make up a holiday for month it's Air Day, then don't forget my personal favorite, Water Day.....ummmmm. yeah. I say this with total sincerity after receiving a beautiful flower arrangement from my co-workers for Administrative Professionals Day. Oh. My. Word. I feel guilty they sent me flowers for doing my JOB. Although, they were very pretty and smelled good, too.  I just feel bad when people are pressured by the greeting card industry to celebrate something that is not that big of a deal.

Okay, back to the story. We headed out to one of our family's favorite restaurants about 15 minutes from home. As we were nearing the restaurant, we noticed some people help push a car into a gas station. I commented that there are still nice people in the world. I see people being kind to other people often, much more so then people being rude. We come from a geographic area that is not really known for their friendliness but I was insisting to The Husband how many nice people I see showing kindness to strangers.

That's where I probably went wrong. My theory was going to be tested.

We had a lovely meal and I asked The Husband to pay the bill because my giant black "purse" was hanging awkwardly on my chair. I have a love/hate relationship with this monstrosity. It is my "winter purse" so it should already be packed away. You could easily fit a laptop (and, possibly even a desktop, monitor and keyboard) in it and just today when I turned around in a store I knocked something over. I whack people in the head while walking past them in movie theaters and in church and I'm always's almost like having a naughty child to deal with.

Therefore, the question is...... how could I have left the restaurant and driven all the way home only to realize I LEFT IT IN THE RESTAURANT???????

We need to pause for a brief intermission here...this is a long post tonight. Go use the bathroom, grab a drink and I'll wait.

Okay, time's up. I hate that sudden realization that something terrible has happened and so many thoughts hit you at one time you can't put a sentence together. Somehow, without actually using words, The Husband got out of the van and hurried the children inside where I know he would call the restaurant while I raced back over there. He left me his cell phone since mine was in the purse/suitcase at the restaurant where no one really spoke any English....Jesus, help me!! Within sixty seconds, I was peaceful and confident that no matter what the outcome, God would not be surprised and that He was watching over me and my purse. Therefore, I decided to do the speed limit.

The Husband had #1 shoot me a text five minutes down the road:   They have it.

I responded:   Whew.

Thank you, Lord. I looked down and then remembered that my gas tank was on "E" when we left the restaurant the first time and I figured I'd stop somewhere nearby in the morning. That plan wasn't going to really work for me now since I had no purse, which had all my money and credit cards in it. So, I prayed again.

Okay, God. Please don't let that car we saw earlier be a prophetic symbol for what I was about to experience. I ask that you supernaturally get me where I need to go.

I arrived at the restaurant (below empty on the gas tank thingy, I might add) and jogged inside. I was greeted right away by the same guy who sat us an hour earlier and explained I was here to get my purse, my husband called, blah, blah...he asked another person working, who asked another person working and they were all speaking Spanish and waving their arms around like "Huh?". The only thing I knew they were NOT saying was "the lady's purse is right here". Panicky feelings started to return, yet I was puzzled? What happened from the time The Husband called to the time I arrived? Did some kitchen helper grab it and was on his way to the casino with my Kohl's card and the $1.02 in change I had in my wallet? At some point, (it's kind of a blur), I pointed to where I was sitting and there my purse was, just where I left it. Oddly enough, all the people sitting at the tables were staring at me and trying not to laugh. An older couple approached me and said they waited for me to come back and they knew it would not be long since I would notice if something THAT BIG was missing (which mildly offended me that they insinuated my purse was size-challenged). I was touched when they explained that they stayed and watched it for me and would’ve turned it in had I not returned for a few hours. I thanked them and then felt the need to explain that my husband had called and the employee just said "Yup, it's here" and THEN LEFT IT AT THE TABLE. Oy ve.

It wasn't until I was driving to a neighboring gas station that I realized maybe I should've bought them a Choco Taco to thank them or at least gotten their address. I'm sure Hallmark has some kind of greeting card for the occasion...For the kindness you showed me in the Mexican Restaurant on Earth Day....I just wanted to say.....THANKS A BUNCH for not letting someone steal my purse. They did prove my point that there are nice people in our region.

In the event the ordeal wasn't already stressful, I had to pee the entire time. I only pumped about eight gallons of gas into the van and then headed home a happy woman with my purse/suitcase and a bladder the size of Lake Erie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AI Was Kinda Boring So I Wrote This Instead

I would have blogged about American Idol tonight, but there really is no American's the Crystal and Lee show and I wish both of them could win because they are so talented. But, anyhoo...enough about them. Let's talk about me.

I thought I was due for just a random post about nothing especially important or related. Tonight, The Husband and I had to divide and conquer for softball games at different fields. Both #2 and #3 won their games tonight (woo-hoo, brag, brag), while my sweet #1 worked concessions for her poor injured-thumb mother who somehow got lucky enough to be the first mom assigned the dreaded task for the season. The only time I like to work concessions is when my thumb is not injured, it is crazy busy with people screaming for food and I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I could do that for hours. Seriously. Chaos is my drug of choice.

While at the game I made an appointment for my first pedicure of the season (which was actually quite funny because the mom sitting next to me thought I looked at her feet and said to myself  ”Ewww, I better make an appointment for a pedicure so my feet don't look like hers"....we chuckled over that one and the poor woman making my appointment was getting irritated because she kept saying she couldn't hear me). My feet are not aging well and were never, I repeat never, appealing to begin with. Poor wretched mom always told me I had ugly feet because I was a dancer. What she really meant was that she had ugly feet and it is obviously genetic.

Another medical bill rolled in this week. God's "suddenly" is bigger and better I reminded myself. Then, I told The Husband to stop bringing the mail inside for a few weeks. When it starts oozing out of the mailbox then he can bring it in. I just need a break because I am certain that there has to be someone in the medical field, like a custodian somewhere at the hospital, who has not billed me for his share of #2's upper GI scope.

I enjoyed a belated birthday lunch with a wonderful friend today who I don't get to spend nearly enough time with. She is the kind of friend who makes you burst out laughing, slapping the table oblivious to the fact that the people in the restaurant are laughing at you laughing. I feel refreshed now....maybe that was what motivated me to make that pedicure appointment. It's really okay to take some time to do something for myself occasionally.

Lastly, we are quickly approaching our elementary school's May Day (which should actually be called May Hem). It is my last major event as PTO co-president and then my term will end. Oddly enough, no one wants to replace me and the other co-president. One mom said she would rather be institutionalized. After May Hem, I may have to steal that idea. It has been an ordeal and one that was handled in previous years by two women who want nothing to do with it this year. I'm starting to understand why. On the bright side, I can probably become a successful telemarketer after it's all over because that’s basically how people treat you when you ask them to volunteer for a half-hour shift at Pick-A-Duck.

I leave you with this thought tonight....thumbs are terribly under-rated.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suddenly (I'm Not Talking About the Love Song from Xanadu)

I have experienced a few "sudden", out-of-the-blue circumstances this week that have not been very pleasant. First, I nearly broke my right thumb playing tetherball. Then, #2 started having some serious girl drama issues at school and came home sobbing for the first time this school year. One minute I felt like I wanted to go off on the school about it (she and her friends were pulled in for counseling and are now being told they can't talk to each other for a week, not even to say "Hi"). The next minute I felt like Iwas going to pull my hair out trying to talk to #2 when she insisted she was not going back to school (thankfully, that part has already passed). This is all new!  My final "suddenly" for the week came last night when I opened the mail to find shocking amounts of "patient responsibility" on the insurance forms for #2's upper GI tests and both girls’ oral surgeries to have a gazillion teeth pulled. 

The stress was starting to had been years since I had experienced panic attacks, but I could sense that restless feeling coming on at night. So, I prayed. Not just about the actual situations, but also about anything and everything else that came to mind. That serves the devil right for tormenting me; it just made me want to pray more!! Then, I asked God this morning...what's up with all these sudden setbacks? And, in that instant I sensed Him answer:

      "My "suddenly" is much bigger and much better than what you've experienced this week. I have the power and desire to right all those wrongs and bless you beyond what you had before."

I absolutely believe that with all my heart. God has done it before and He'll do it again!  My thumb will heal better, #2 will have stronger friendships and our finances will multiply. This week was just another test to stand strong in and remember that my circumstances do not define me or my family.  I will praise Him and be grateful that when life knocks the wind out of us, He breathes refreshing back into us!  Then, it is up to each one of us to pass that refreshing on to those around us in need of some encouragement.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Not the Age, It's the Attitude!

Forty arrived a week ago today. I felt like queen for a day and got to spend the day celebrating with family and friends. A few days later, I promptly went out and bought a pair of Aeropostale sneakers (I would've bought a t-shirt, but since their XL is made for someone who weighs about 105 pounds, I stuck with footwear). That'll show people who thinks she's forty!

I also got my new haircut. Something layered with long bangs...and, I've been wearing a Silly Band that #3 gave me. That's almost as good as having my own WebKinz. And, my Silly Band glows in the dark. If I get any more cooler and hipper, I may need to go buy a convertible. I'm just sayin'.....ha-ha!

It helps to spend time with the teenagers in our youth group! Tonight, we danced, jumped, shouted, hugged, prayed, and ate pizza together. There is something invigorating about recognizing and encouraging the destiny in someone's life!

Celebrating forty years is such a gift! I appreciate the days more....each one is so packed with the potential to make a difference in someone's life. I don't know about you, but that gets me pumped!