Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AI Was Kinda Boring So I Wrote This Instead

I would have blogged about American Idol tonight, but there really is no American Idol...it's the Crystal and Lee show and I wish both of them could win because they are so talented. But, anyhoo...enough about them. Let's talk about me.

I thought I was due for just a random post about nothing especially important or related. Tonight, The Husband and I had to divide and conquer for softball games at different fields. Both #2 and #3 won their games tonight (woo-hoo, brag, brag), while my sweet #1 worked concessions for her poor injured-thumb mother who somehow got lucky enough to be the first mom assigned the dreaded task for the season. The only time I like to work concessions is when my thumb is not injured, it is crazy busy with people screaming for food and I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I could do that for hours. Seriously. Chaos is my drug of choice.

While at the game I made an appointment for my first pedicure of the season (which was actually quite funny because the mom sitting next to me thought I looked at her feet and said to myself  ”Ewww, I better make an appointment for a pedicure so my feet don't look like hers"....we chuckled over that one and the poor woman making my appointment was getting irritated because she kept saying she couldn't hear me). My feet are not aging well and were never, I repeat never, appealing to begin with. Poor wretched things...my mom always told me I had ugly feet because I was a dancer. What she really meant was that she had ugly feet and it is obviously genetic.

Another medical bill rolled in this week. God's "suddenly" is bigger and better I reminded myself. Then, I told The Husband to stop bringing the mail inside for a few weeks. When it starts oozing out of the mailbox then he can bring it in. I just need a break because I am certain that there has to be someone in the medical field, like a custodian somewhere at the hospital, who has not billed me for his share of #2's upper GI scope.

I enjoyed a belated birthday lunch with a wonderful friend today who I don't get to spend nearly enough time with. She is the kind of friend who makes you burst out laughing, slapping the table oblivious to the fact that the people in the restaurant are laughing at you laughing. I feel refreshed now....maybe that was what motivated me to make that pedicure appointment. It's really okay to take some time to do something for myself occasionally.

Lastly, we are quickly approaching our elementary school's May Day (which should actually be called May Hem). It is my last major event as PTO co-president and then my term will end. Oddly enough, no one wants to replace me and the other co-president. One mom said she would rather be institutionalized. After May Hem, I may have to steal that idea. It has been an ordeal and one that was handled in previous years by two women who want nothing to do with it this year. I'm starting to understand why. On the bright side, I can probably become a successful telemarketer after it's all over because that’s basically how people treat you when you ask them to volunteer for a half-hour shift at Pick-A-Duck.

I leave you with this thought tonight....thumbs are terribly under-rated.


Natalie said...

Reading this made me smile, chuckle and laugh out loud...thanks for making my day a little brighter.

The Gang's Momma! said...

"Chaos is my drug of choice."

That cracked me up. I can see you flying around the concession stand, glowing and grinning and yelling gleefully.

At which point, watching you would trigger a melt-down. Chaos fries my circuits.