Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suddenly (I'm Not Talking About the Love Song from Xanadu)

I have experienced a few "sudden", out-of-the-blue circumstances this week that have not been very pleasant. First, I nearly broke my right thumb playing tetherball. Then, #2 started having some serious girl drama issues at school and came home sobbing for the first time this school year. One minute I felt like I wanted to go off on the school about it (she and her friends were pulled in for counseling and are now being told they can't talk to each other for a week, not even to say "Hi"). The next minute I felt like Iwas going to pull my hair out trying to talk to #2 when she insisted she was not going back to school (thankfully, that part has already passed). This is all new!  My final "suddenly" for the week came last night when I opened the mail to find shocking amounts of "patient responsibility" on the insurance forms for #2's upper GI tests and both girls’ oral surgeries to have a gazillion teeth pulled. 

The stress was starting to had been years since I had experienced panic attacks, but I could sense that restless feeling coming on at night. So, I prayed. Not just about the actual situations, but also about anything and everything else that came to mind. That serves the devil right for tormenting me; it just made me want to pray more!! Then, I asked God this morning...what's up with all these sudden setbacks? And, in that instant I sensed Him answer:

      "My "suddenly" is much bigger and much better than what you've experienced this week. I have the power and desire to right all those wrongs and bless you beyond what you had before."

I absolutely believe that with all my heart. God has done it before and He'll do it again!  My thumb will heal better, #2 will have stronger friendships and our finances will multiply. This week was just another test to stand strong in and remember that my circumstances do not define me or my family.  I will praise Him and be grateful that when life knocks the wind out of us, He breathes refreshing back into us!  Then, it is up to each one of us to pass that refreshing on to those around us in need of some encouragement.

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Classic MaMa said...

Wonderful attitude! I wish mine was so good when "suddenly" comes callin' at our house!