Friday, July 20, 2007

A Little Poop Story of My Own

I was horrified at Like I Was Saying....'s (formally Mom in Action) poo story and decided at this point in my life, it is good that I am done having children and don't have to tackle the whole generic vs. expensive diapers saga and poop everywhere.

Well, last night after arriving home rather late The Dog had pooped by the front door(s) and apparently GAS walked in it and was rather upset. She did not want to leave The Dog out in the yard because "she is black and can't see her in the dark". Well, let's just say when GAS is upset, some nasty words come out and that didn't help lower the current stress level of the situation. Then, #3 who was half asleep (I had been carrying her into bed when I walked in the house and out of shock I set her down and mumbled something about going back to bed) stepped in more poop in the living room, #1 stepped in the poop, too and got to the top step of the stairs leading down to her room until she realized it and stopped. #3 was so tired she LAYED DOWN ON THE WHITE COUCH WITH POOP ON HER BARE FEET and got it on the couch and on her legs until she fully awakened and started to cry and THROW UP BECAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY IS THERE POOP ALL OVER ME???!!!! I, of course, had no idea this was going on because I was too busy scolding GAS for calling the pile of poop by a nasty 4-letter word in front of the kids (which by the way, traumatized my poor #1 who is very sensitive to chaos and ended up sleeping in bed with us last night).

Oh, yeah. So, what's a little vomit in my hair when there is POOP all over my new house?

Needless to say we got to bed around 12:45 am. See how competitive I am? I have to try and top even a poop story!


speakingfreely said...

YUK! POOP! One more reason to be thankful I'm a single girl with no kids or dogs. Have fun on vacation, friend!

Natalie said...

excuse me while I laugh my fool head off...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. so sorry, I sooooooo feel your pain. but this WILL be funny in a few weeks. Plus, it makes for great blogging.

ooh, poop and puke. that's quite a combination. and if this is a contest. I declare YOU the winner. I have no interest in trying to top that.

Promises Fulfilled said...

Yuck! So sorry that you had to deal with this! How do you get poop out of a white couch? Always looking for tips that I might need in the future...when we get a new couch someday, that might show dirt or, whatever!

Enjoy your vacation!

Natalie said...

are poop stories like airplane crashes...they come in threes? could there be another poop story waiting in the wings for another unsuspecting soul?

sorry...too much time to think today, I guess.

The Gang's All Here! said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! N's right, you win. Hands down. Just what you always wanted - to win a poop contest, huh? :)