Monday, July 16, 2007

Now If I Could Just Find My Shaving Cream and Splenda....

Even though I am typing this at the "old" house, we are officially moved in to the "new" house! We had about 10 amazing guys make 2 trips with the largest truck U-Haul rents out, along with each of their own cars and trucks filled to overflowing! The boxes covered just about every square foot of the inside of the new house....praise the Lord the previous owners put in a lot of cabinets and storage in the closets. We finally started feeling like we were making a dent in the boxes around 10pm last night!

As far as the guys who helped us I was overwhelmed by their support and dedication. I get a lump in my throat when I think of how hard they worked and sweated and gave 110% for us.

I'd like to report that everything is working out on the status of our home being sold, but nothing new is going on other than me insisting we must go to settlement by August 15th when the buyers offered August 24th or we can keep their deposit. Keep in mind that this was all supposed to happen no later than July 27th originally (and, that was even a week later than I wanted). We are praying for wisdom and a quick resolve to this problem. I have peace that it is going to work out about 75% of the time, but that other 25% of the time my heart is racing and I am forever calculating a "back up" plan (the kids have some money is their savings accounts, stuff like that I hate to even consider).

But, I still can't get away from the fact that God has a plan in all of this and really the bottom line is that it is just a house, and just money.....none of which we can take with us when our time is up here on earth. SO, I am focusing on enjoying the experience of preparing our home for all we feel God has called it to be....a refuge and place of relaxation and ministry to draw people closer to the Lord.

I am definitely feeling the Madam Blueberry song well up inside of me again......

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