Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stop the Roller Coaster...I Want to Get Off!!!!

Well, the call came about an hour ago.....

The buyers of our house lost their THIRD buyer and we will not be going to settlement on July 31st.

I'm sort of .....numb.....not mad, not really upset.....just sort of .....strangly indifferent........

They will at least be moving in July 31st and renting until August 28th, but as far as all the money we have borrowed and put on credit cards....well, that will just have to float another month as we (cha-ching) rack up some astronomical finance charges. I see myself kissing our proposed October Florida vacation to visit The Husband's family good-bye as this saga drags on......

I'm believing God is on our side with this, especially since we are faithful with our tithe and offerings. Again, I am reminded it is just money and perhaps He really wants to get that point across to us before we are allowed to move on.

I am getting bored even typing about it anymore, but we could use your prayers again. I am trying to push away the fear that this may never get resolved. I mean, come on! THREE buyers back out??! Why not four? I know that is not God talking so I am trying my best to shut it out.

It's time to grab my Bible and get alone with Him before I do some serious damage to my mind.

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Classic MaMa said...

Melissa, I'm sitting here in shock with you. I feel ike packing up Scarlett and Bubba and a cheesecake and giving you a hug. I wish we had a ton of money so we could give it to you and tell you that's it's going to be alright. I wish I could sell thier house for them.

But there are some things that I know. You and Jay are faithful. You are. I know that God blesses the faithful. Perhaps our magnificent Lord is going to bless your socks off, but before that, he's going to give you an even bigger revelation of who he is while you are going through this sticky situation.

There's one other thing that I know: you and Jay are tough. If there were ever a couple that could exist through this and come out even better in the end, it's you and that Dolphin lovin' husband of yours. You can do it!