Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Bling for My Girls

I'm too tired to try and locate the "before pictures" but I wanted to post some "after pictures".

The top room is the paneling we painted for #1's basement bedroom and the other photo shows #2's garden room. They are both fairly messy since they were literally taken mere days after moving in and their stuff is cluttered everywhere, but you get the idea! It looks much better now, but I don't feel like taking more pictures and uploading them at the present time! If only you could truly appreciate painting layer upon layer of yellow paint to cover up giant purple polka-dots!

There are no pictures for #3's room, yet, because her adorable die-cut flip flop wallpaper border has not arrived from Canada. Yes, Canada. I warned you I was going a little off the deep end.

Don't you think the little reading cubby is a nice touch in the corner of #1's room? That is a $3 Wal-mart black sheet on on a piece of thick foam and some 60% off Joanne's fabric skirting it and the windows thanks to the handy dandy iron-on sticky tack (I don't sew).

It was so fun and we still have more to do.


Promises Fulfilled said...

You are so creative and it looks great!

TCC said...

It looks great. Would never know it was paneling.