Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Haven't I Been Through Enough??


We are going through this entire moving process and until the last week it was going pretty smooth. Then the buyer's lost their buyer. Then we moved all of our stuff in even though we didn't finish all of our painting, I hurt my foot and could barely walk on it, and I started to get a cold sore (stress induced I'm sure) and then.......

I spent hours on the phone. HOURS. I'm not kidding. I was talking to Verizon about why our DSL was not working when they told me that it would be 2 days ago (so we had it disconnected from the old house). I kept getting different answers from different people and I was put on hold so many times and disconnected I wanted to cry. Finally, someone called be back with the awful truth.

Are you sitting down?

We are 71 feet from the cutoff point of getting a DSL signal. They offered us "dial up" instead.

Dial up?? Do they still do that? Are dinosaurs going to start roaming the Earth again soon?

And, this lovely service will cost a mere $22.95 per month for unlimited service.

Are they kidding? They should pay me $22.95 a month to use it until they get their happy fannys out here and extend that DSL signal a MERE 71 FEET.


So, if you are trying to email me at my regular email address, you can't. Please email us in the meantime to my gmail account which Hopefully, after we get back from vacation I'll have everything worked out.

And, now I must get ready for today's festivities....going back and cleaning the old house before the electric gets shut off this week. The fun never ends around here! I'm smiling though. Really.


Classic MaMa said...

You are doing so well, my friend! Get ready to relax at camp for a while. These circumstances don't matter at all. He is your defender!!

Natalie said...

I'd offer to go out and hook it up myself for 71 feet. My aunt and uncle always say that we should move back to Indiana and buy this house that's near them. I always tell them that it's a great idea but the deal breaker is that then we'd have to live in the land of dial-up.

Beautiful Grace said...

I have dial up; it builds patience!!! :)