Saturday, July 7, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged! My pals over at TCC and Krazy Klingers have tagged me and now I am racking my brain to think of 8 random things anyone would find even remotely interesting. Hmmmmmm..

1. I was a brain surgeon and astronaut before I became a mom. Okay....just kidding. I'll be serious.

Real 1. I like to dip McDonald's french fries in honey. And, they must be hot. My kids wait anxiously as I eat the first one to see whether or not I will march myself back up to the cashier and ask for HOT fries. Please.

2. I used to work for a casino in the Bahamas while I was putting myself through college. I was the special event manager. It was a fun job and I met some "B List"celebrities and professional athletes.

3. I met The Husband while I was a bartender, he invited me to his church (I went because I thought he was adorable) and the rest is history.

4. I went to the same high school as professional football player, Kerry Collins, but I graduated 2 years before he did. He was a pretty quiet guy.

5. I like to cook. And, coincidentally, I like to eat. I only pretend to like vegetables most of the time so my kids will eat them or people will think I'm healthier than I really am. So, if you see me eating a salad when we're out, I REALLY want a greasy cheeseburger and fries.

6. I spend way too much time on my computer reading/writing blogs. Although, I must admit it is therapeutic. My goal is to leave a journal for my kids to look back on when they are older.

7. I have one younger brother whose wife can't stand me because we de-clawed our cat and killed a snake we found in our yard. Don't even get me started. Now, I'm going to my happy place......

8. My water broke with #2 after I walked into a tree at The Husband's softball playoffs. Easiest labor and delivery of the 3 kids. For those of you pregnant ladies out there -I highly recommend the "concussion method" for starting your labor.

I did it! My turn to tag! I know some of you may have already been tagged, but our lists are a little intertwined! Please post 8 Random Things About Yourself!

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Krazy Klingers said...

Hey, I gave myself a concussion getting out of a car and I still had to be induced. Not fair!!!

TCC said...

So interesting! Did you go to college in the Bahamas too or was that just a summer job?

For the record, if there was ever a snake in my back yard (which is NOT a natural habitat for one!) I would want it to be dead too.

Classic MaMa said...

Great labor method. I enjoyed your list because I never knew you were an event coordinator or a bartender. Sorry about the sister thing, but I think cats that are inside shouldn't have claws. Especially if you have kids!

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Clicked over to your blog from TCC. :)
Amen to #5, however, a funny thing has happened recently..... I spent so much time pretending to like salads in front of my kids, I actually enjoy them now!!

Melissa said...

When I was the event manager for the casino I mostly worked out of the Miami office and commuted to the Bahamas 2 times per month. The great part about it was that I worked almost every weekend which gave me Tuesdays and Thursdays off to cram 3-4 classes into and work my bartending/waitress job at night.

I was a busy girl!