Thursday, July 12, 2007


Please keep us in your prayers. Our buyer's buyer backed out of their deal and we now have 2 houses indefinitely (which means 2 mortgages!). Our buyers still want our house, but they have to start all over and begin showing theirs, etc.... We were supposed to go to closing on July 27th and I can't imagine that will happen now (that's where the praying part comes in!). We have all of our money tied up in our house we are selling so it has been a little scary and now this makes it worse! This just about sent me teetering over the edge, since we have been painting for the last 3 days and surviving on 3-5 hour sleep per night!

I did, however, refinish my first floor. I got to use a POWER sander. COOL!!!

I'm too tired to post pictures, but someday when life returns to normal (which seems like impossible at at this point) I'll show you some before and after pics and tell you the stories (like covering up polka dots on the ceiling and walls of a bedroom that took 4 coats of primer and 5-6 coats of BRIGHT yellow paint which I shook without the lid on tight and, wasn't pretty.......).

I'm tired, but keeping my chin up, thanking the good Lord for all He has done and all He will do!


TCC said...

Normal? What is that...and according to who? :)

Thank you for alerting us. Praying for you and trusting God to take care of this. Girl...your family is walking and living a tremendous testimony!

Krazy Klingers said...

We are praying for you!! Just keep in mind that we serve a God who likes to move in the 11th hour, He wants us to trust Him no matter what. So be still and know that He IS God and your house WILL sell. In the mean time try not to let this circumstance hold you down...I know a lot easier said than done. Keep us posted so that we know how to better pray.

Promises Fulfilled said...

We are praying for you over here too. Keep looking to the Lord - He has great things in store for your family!