Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Vacation Top Ten

This is the best deal going. We had another fabulous time at Family Camp. Here are the highlights:

1. Being surrounded by friends that we only get to see once a year and watching our kids of all ages play together like a giant family reunion.

2. Listening to one of the above mentioned teenagers practice her bassoon early each morning in the gazebo as I read my Bible or just talked to Jesus.

3. Watching my brave 11-year old, #1, do the high ropes course in the pouring down rain at 10:00 pm. The age recommendation is 13 and up. She rocked.

4. Hiking up Peters Mountain at 6:30 am with The Husband and other friends where we were treated to a pancake breakfast at the top by our FABULOUS counselors who had camped out overnight up there so they would be ready for us.

5. Scoring the first run in the adult one-pitch softball game.

6. Hugging and squeezing and cheering my kids on throughout the week at the many family friendly activities that were offered.

7. Snuggling up with the kids for a night of kettle popcorn and silly songs in the woods.

8. Card games round the clock. I played Nerts until my eyes barely stayed open.

9. Volleyball late at night in the gym with just the grown ups and counselors.

10. The delicious and mostly nutritious food that I did not have to prepare or clean up!

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