Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hersheypark Happy - Animal Edition

We headed over to Hersheypark yesterday since the weather was lovely until about 4pm.

However, it being July 4th, it was CROWDED. Crowded takes on a different meaning to season pass holders. We just don't tolerate it. It sounds a bit uppity, I know, but isn't the point of having season passes to go when no one else is there?

So, we went to the zoo and then the sea lion show (they are not seals!). It got a little hairy in the zoo (no pun intended) because #3 is at the age where she is terrified to get close to the cages of the snakes. And, then we went home and grilled out. Just our little family....I thought we would be bored not making any plans for the holiday, but it was fun and then we packed some more (the kids didn't think that part was fun) when it started to rain. We would have lit sparklers and our $9.99 pack of K-mart fireworks, but it was too wet so we have postponed our festivities, along with the s'more making, until tonight.

This would be my picture of the sea lions when we went on Easter ...see everyone in their winter coats? I figured I already had about 6 pictures of the sea lions so I didn't need to take any more yesterday. But, I figured I needed to explain the winter attire.......

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Classic MaMa said...

We love that little zoo! Scarlett has a season pass to that. It's especially cool to go in the fall when the park is closed. It's like having a zoo all to yourself.