Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm Just So Hersheypark Happy You'll Just Have To Live With It

I've decided that in honor of my glorious theme park of champions, I will blog about them every time I go this summer. That could be boring for you, but I'm sorry. Other than moving I have nothing else to talk about besides just finishing a suspenseful Ted Dekker book called Three. I'm a Christian fiction junkee in the summertime and have caught up on all my Karen Kingsbury series books until the library gets my new ones in. But, enough about literature....I have more important things to discuss.

Have I mentioned how clean Hersheypark is? I was in the wave pool today and all was new, glorious, sparkling and clean as far as the eye could see. <squealing with delight>. However, the lifeguards, and there are many, like to blow their whistles, shrilly, in short bursts every .75 milliseconds and that got to be a little grating on the nerves, if you know what I mean. I being a lifeguard in my younger years, realize 95% of all lifeguards are on a power trip, but even these lifeguards looked annoyed with themselves for having to blow their whistles so much. Apparently, the rules changed this week and you must stand up in the wave sitting, laying on your belly or "riding the waves".

It's okay, HP, I still love you!!!

I didn't even mind shelling out $20 for Nathan's hot dogs and fries for our lunch since we were celebrating the end of our home school/cyber school year. AMEN, THANK YOU GOD, He gets all the glory for my surviving this past year. Seriously. I love you all my homeschooling friends, you're my heroes. I'm just so glad my kids don't hate me.

But, again, back to HP. It was too hot to go on many rides outside the water park area today. Our new strategy is to go around 4pm and do water rides, then do regular rides when The Husband meets us after he gets off work. I just have to figure out how to work dinner into that equation because I can't feed our family of 5 every week at the park.

Alright, I'll spare you the rest of the not so exciting details like the roomy changing areas and how the Rodeo went backwards today (they don't always do that). Now, I'm off to the library for a new book!


speakingfreely said...

Three was one of my more favorite Ted Dekker books. When you near the end, however, I would advise reading with lots of lights on while other people are home. I seem to remember being sufficiently spooked when I attempted to read it in my dark apartment alone. Love ya! (Oh, and all your blogs really make me want to get an HP season pass and just quit my job for the summer :)

Classic MaMa said...

I can't wait to get Season Passes for next year. I think Bubba would like to see the life-sized chocolate.

Thrills said...

I think that with all the FREE advertising you are giving HP. They should give you FREE season passes next year.

Glad you are having a blast at HP. Maybe some year we will join you.

Plain and Simple said...

I love Ted Dekker too! You have to read the Red White and Black too. It's a great series.

Tracy W said...

Didja know they made THR3E into a movie? I saw it at Blockbuster this weekend. Looked too spooky for me though!

Enjoy the down time, read up a storm and sip a latte while you're at it. That's what summer is for!