Thursday, May 31, 2007

Way to Go, Hersheypark!

There are two super cool perks that make me glad I'm a season pass holder this year at Hersheypark.

1. Special preferred parking for pass holders that is as close as you can get to the front gates unless you are an employee.

2. The new water park area called The Boardwalk.

If you're looking for me this summer you can pretty much count on us being at the Boardwalk in Hersheypark. It is fabulous! The Husband and I took the kids yesterday and we decided it felt like we were on vacation! And, I like vacation, so any place that tricks me into thinking I'm on one for a few blissful hours is a really good thing!

There are pools for all ages and water slides (we didn't even try the slides, yet). My kids really liked the wave pool, where I sat in a lounge chair and sunburned myself while sipping an 89 cent souvenir refill cup of Diet Pepsi (blah, not my most favorite, HP, please get Diet Coke again!!). We also spent time in this giant "pool" that has fountains and dumps huge buckets of water on you, it looks like something from the game "Mousetrap".

The added bonus is that the area is so huge, all lines for the other rides are cut in half or less. It was over 90 degrees out and we waited at Canyon River Rapids for 20 minutes. I have never stood in that line on a hot day and waited less than 45-60 minutes.

I would suggest getting there early to grab a lounge chair, at least to put your stuff on. There are lockers available (but, I'm too cheap to get one). And, obviously, I'm much more vigilant watching my kids swim here because it did get crowded. Yesterday, it was obnoxious kids on middle school/high school field trips. You know what I'm talking about...the ones you don't want your kids to stand next to in line or they'll get an earful of things you really don't want to have to explain to them for another 5-10 years!

We were definitely one "Hersheypark Happy" family yesterday!

And, Hersheypark definitely hit a home run on this expansion!


Classic MaMa said...

That's so cool. We had Season Passes last year, which was good because I got to walk around being greatly with child and Scarlett went on all the rides. This year, we decided against it because we knew Bubba wouldn't like it much, but hey, next year he'll be old enough to do some stuff.

Your girlies look soooo cute in this picture.

High school and middle school trips. Yeah I know those kids. I spent 5 years with the darlings. ;)

Stephanie said...

I was doing the same thing yesterday morning! Sorry I missed you.