Thursday, May 17, 2007

School Decisions - Part 2

I am so grateful for the encouraging comments I got concerning our girls going to public school. We had a brief experience in 1st grade with #1 and I pulled her out at Christmas time. That is sort of what I'm holding onto that leaves me stuck in the valley of indecisiveness.

I tried to volunteer to plan parties and be in the classroom, but I was competing with a "professional" room mother who just happened to be a teacher in the same school district. She found it very amusing one day when we were talking about what the school was calling a "Harvest Party" and she was suggesting Frankensteins and I told her I didn't celebrate Halloween. She laughed very condescendingly and said out loud to no one in particular, "That's funny. I'm planning a Halloween party with someone who doesn't celebrate Halloween". I tried to explain that we celebrate fall and harvests, pumpkins, owls, scarecrows, but she basically "fired" me and got one of her friends to help her. I went to the party and helped #1 paint her flower pot a lovely mixture of green and black while the other kids painted Frankenstein. I didn't know who felt more like the class freak, me or #1.

I'm not bitter.

But, I am distrustful of Halloween in "Harvest Party" clothes. And strong, confident women who think they are better than me, treating me like a "needy nitwit".

But, really....I'm not bitter!!!!!

So, I decided we will go to Florida and visit the in-laws the week before/of Halloween if the girls go to public school.

Because that is the mature thing to do.


Tracy W said...

Hey, I think that mom transferred here to North Penn School District :) LOL!

Seriously, I can't wait to hear stories of you and your girls kicking the enemy's butt in the public school next year. And I have NO DOUBT that they will do just that, with you leading the charge.

Interestingly enough, we are actually praying about going back to homeschooling. DD is begging for it and we are still unsure of just why, but are planning to mull it over with her in various venues to get to the root. I was actually thinking of spending my fall working somewhere that I could get a fabulous discount, so it's a total brain switch for us here! Will keep you updated.

And will keep you in prayer :)

jb said...

As a former public school teacher, I always was so encouraged when I found out that I had a Christian student in my class - knowing that their parents were praying for them, and me too.

Your experience was really not fun, but just know, that if the Lord is calling you to place your girls into public school, that He has a reason for it! I do not know what it is like to send a child to school yet, but I do know what it is like to teach the kids. Your kids will be a light there. I will be praying for you guys as you continue to seek God for His will on this matter

Classic MaMa said...

: I agree with JB. Have them go where God is telling you to have them go. Don't worry so much about all the negative things that "might" happen. Cross those bridges when you come to them, dear sister. It's going to be great.

Anonymous said...


Did you check to see that the school still has a Halloween party? A few years ago Wilson stopped the Halloween and Christmas parties and have Fall Fest and Holiday parties instead. We also can't send birthday treats of any kind. It makes me a little sad. When did we allow our kids to stop being kids?
Love the blog-- it captures your rambling insights to a tee and keeps me updated when we aren't able to talk like we used to due to everyday life.

Irritable Mother said...

My kids attend a public charter school, and I absolutely love it. I am involved in their classrooms, so I know their friends and their friends like me. We also have a parent prayer group at the school.
You can do this, and it can be a good thing!