Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Use Me Lord

I have been attending a conference at our church and it has been very good. God has been working on my heart to give me a new compassion for people. I pray that I can see other people the way our Father in heaven sees them.

One of the DVD's the speaker showed yesterday was from a conference they did where people were being delivered from demonic spirits. I wept as the people will literally being drug away, thrashing and screaming. Those are the same kind of people we see at the grocery store, in our neighborhood, and at our kid's soccer games. They have their masks on and it takes our prayers and kindness to get below the surface. I felt my heart break at this realization. I am the one with the cold cup of water to share in a hot, dry desert of thirsty souls.

Help me, Jesus to share the love and compassion that you've placed in my heart.

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