Thursday, May 3, 2007

Little Worn Out Women

I'm holding my head a little higher this morning!

#1 and I have had some good chats since our blow up yesterday. I love that our God is a redeeming God and He can take both of our temper tantrums and turn them into something good that we can grow from.

I had this realization last night as I fell into a troubled sleep that I am raising a "worn out woman". I've joked that #1 is so much like me, but she really is. She is overloaded with activities and events and can't seem to say no when something new comes around the corner. I'm usually the one putting my foot down and trying not to add to her schedule. She takes an art class, theatre class, ballet, is on the worship team at church and works in our church cafe. In between, she babysits when her schoolwork is caught up. Yesterday, she asked for piano lessons. I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. She changed the subject. Granted, she pays for some of these activities, but the time spent away from home is stretching us to the breaking point. If she were the only kid it may not be so bad, but both #2 and #3 are doing soccer and gymnastics now. I'm going to need to hire a personal secretary and chauffeur soon!

You know what though? It's all almost over and then my only stressful decision will be do we go to Hersheypark or the pool today? Ok, not really. But, I'm SO ready for a few months of summer break!

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malia said...

I hope I can join in on the fun of summer vacation. Catching up on your blog today made me realize how little catching up in person we've done over the past few weeks. We certainly should plan a FAM activity!!