Monday, May 14, 2007

10 Lies About My Mother's Day at Hersheypark

1. I never get Brickers fried veggies every Mother's Day because they are gross.
2. #2 really, really likes to go on roller coasters.
3. #3 can walk the whole way out to the parking lot without having to be carried half the time, crying to go to Chocolate World.
4. My favorite ride is the Sky-thingermer-bobber thing that dangles you by a mere fishing-line- sized cable over snake infested waters.
5. Those refillable souvenir cups are a rip-off!
6. Chocolate is disgusting.
7. The Husband enjoys rides that spin you around very, very fast.
8. #1 can't stand to go on The Great Bear.
9. I thought it was totally appropriate to be playing Def Lappard's song Pour Some Sugar on Me while my kids were riding on the Musicbox Express. That is really a family friendly, "G" rated kind of song to be playing on Mother's Day afternoon! Good job, HP!
10. I am so upset they put a Dunkin Donuts in, right in the very front of the park. Their coffee is not very good and their donuts are worse!

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