Sunday, May 6, 2007

Looks Like We're Moving!

This is my garage.
This is my garage BEFORE our community yard sale this Saturday.
I hope to post a much different AFTER picture.
We have added to the pile because, believe it or not, we are listing our house for sale tomorrow. I checked with our financial advisor, who coincidentally, will live right down the street from the new house we plan to purchase and he gave us the thumbs up.
We have given "spring cleaning" a new name. I like to call it spring purging. We basically have 3 criteria:
1. we can't live without it
2. yard sale / donate to Goodwill
3. (my personal favorite) throw it away
So, I'll keep the cyberworld updated as we iron out a contract, which we are countering their counter offer tonight (doesn't that sound like as much fun as pulling out 3 of your toe nails?).
In the meantime, I know I've got a closet or a drawer somewhere needing to be cleaned.......

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