Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Decisions (I'm Getting Pretty Good at Rearranging My Life, Lately)

Brace yourselves.

Our kids may very well be going to.... (gulp)..... public school.

We are considering it for several reasons:

1. We are moving and will be near the best elementary school in the district.
2. Can we honestly afford to send the girls to Christian school for the next umpteen years?
3. Homeschooling all three of them is just not an option unless God drastically rewrites mine, #1 and #3's DNA.
4. This would be the ideal year to start since #3 is going to kindergarten and #1 is starting middle school and they won't be the only "new" kids.

The only major thing holding me back is the fear of them having to figure out (discern) at a young age all the subject matter that we completely disagree with. I know of classes in other school districts that have studied Harry Potter books together for a month, and don't even get me started about Halloween.....despite not saying the word "Christmas" they can spend weeks learning about witches. The injustice of that alone makes me want to avoid public school. Throw in school shootings and now I'm really starting to think I'm a little crazy for even thinking about this.

I have decided, however, not to fret. The decision need not be made today (but, the "planner" in me is wanting the rough draft, neatly typed and double spaced by next Tuesday, please).

Now, the real question I make pancakes or eggs for breakfast?

Decisions, decisions......


TCC said...

I don't know if you are aware but you can make certain requests regarding your child's education and beliefs. My son did not participate in Halloween activities and was given alternative worksheets that did not display such images that go with the holiday (witches, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, vampires, etc.) Also, you are allowed to request that your child read an alternative book and the school must comply. Parents have more of a voice then we sometimes realize - and so do our children.

I have only experienced full day Kindergarten with my son. We have talked to him about the choices we make daily and how we are responsible and held accountable to God for them. By discussing this with him, it allowed him to have ownership in the decision. Yes, he was "different" but what a great opportunity for him to learn these lessons at a young age, providing a strong foundation now. I have seen him grow and mature right before my eyes this year - not just academically and socially but spiritually.

An unexpected result is that it stretched me too - I was required to walk the talk at a whole new level.

Say Anything said...

We love our public school. And tcc is absolutely right, our teacher has definitely made concessions for our family without hesitation.

Huckleberry has more than exceeded my expectations at public school. I think it's important to keep communication open with your kids. I always ask after he gets home if he has any questions about any happenings of the day - and I know I would do this regardless of what type of school he went to.

God will give you clear direction.

Tracy W said...

Another voice of encouragement here: we've had wonderful experiences in our years of public schooling. I've committed myself to being a presence in their buildings, joining the parent associations, and helping out when I can. We have developed a great relationship with each teacher each year. Additionally, I have found it to be so helpful to write a "letter of introduction" to the teacher for each kid, each year.

It started when one of their teachers requested the letter and became a tradition I take up each fall. I share about our family, about my child's strengths and weaknesses and about the character traits that we would like to see developed. I offer my services as a volunteer and I let them know that we appreciate them and are praying for them. It's about 2 pages long when I'm done, but it's been a great launching point for a year of working together to help my kids have a great year.

I also encourage my kids to look at their day and their year in that class room as a mission, from God. Education is only one of the goals for our public school experience, and I encourage the kids to seek the Lord thru prayer and time in the situation(s) to find their individual calling for the year and for the classroom. It's been great fun to hear their hearts for their teachers and their friends.

You are an incredible, strong woman of faith - and you are raising strong godly girls. Hang tough with that, go into the year with a prayer warrior spirit and have fun with it. The opportunities for all of you are incredible - and the resources can't be beat. LOOK OUT, here come the K****** WOMEN!!!! woo hoo!