Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

Last night was #1's ballet recital and she was a delight, honestly, unbiasedly (is that a word?) a true delight to watch! Almost as enjoyable was getting together with some special friends I have not had the opportunity to spend much time with lately. These are friends that entered our lives two years ago when #1 was in our church production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She played Lucy and these friends were the other Pevensie children, so to make it easy I've named them their stage names.....Peter, Susan and Edmund.

We've made quite an eclectic group and it's funny when we go out places because people try to piece us together somehow! The Husband and I are not old enough to be their parents, but we are nowhere near their demographic classification! We were all pretty inseparable our first year as friends, but college, a boyfriend, wrestling and "life" have kept us from seeing so much of each other. The beautiful thing about that is we picked up last night like no time has passed between us.

I've asked myself over the years why I have these friends that are so different, but so special to me. At first, I felt pretty "cool" having such young friends that seemed to actually WANT to be my friend (why is the world?), but after a terrible accident that Peter was involved in occured a year and half ago, it drew us all so close together I stopped thinking of them as my younger "hip" friends and they became like family to us. They rarely miss a dance recital, birthday party or any other special occasion in our lives. Anytime we get together, I can count on laughing until my stomach hurts! The Husband and Peter have traveled to the Orange Bowl together, Susan babysits at a moment's notice and Edmund blows us away with his thoughtful gifts he buys us. We eat off of each other's plates (and ice cream cones) and we can be REAL with one another.

I think there have been times we've been misunderstood and judged by others and that has made me a little insecure. If I get silly and act immature these friends are not the reason, that's just ME! They have not replaced any family or friends in our lives, they've been a wonderful addition. Some people just don't get that. I think one thing that has kept us close is that they make themselves available to us.

It's pretty darn cool watching them through various stages of their lives turn into the men and woman God is calling them to be. I am so glad God brought them into our lives!


Stephanie said...

You are such a spiritual mom in so many ways. You are gifted to be whatever is needed at every opportunity that God ordains you whether it is silly and fun or serious and a warrior. Not everyone has such a gifting. Satan will always use judgment from others to try and taint your ministry. Know the more you are judged, the more you are probably doing the very thing God wants you to do! I'll try and remember that for myself as well :) Continue to have a great time with your family...all of them!

Classic MaMa said...

I always love to see you with these wonderful people. As Stephanie said, you're like their spiritual mom. They love you and feel comfortable with you.