Monday, May 21, 2007

I Know There's Gotta be More to Life Than This....

I was planning on writing a very whiny, pity party blog today about my (sniff) house not selling yet, and then I felt the Holy Spirit dump a bucket of ice cold water on my wimpy soul and tell me to "snap out of it".

You see, I'm holding on to my Happy Ending. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Part of me thinks it is good to be hopeful and peaceful in this season of trusting the Lord, but at the same time I'm disturbed that I care so much about my own peace of mind. I'm starting to confuse my purpose on this planet when I do that. Everything even remotely relating to us selling our house and moving has very little to do with my happiness. When I start to think this is about me, that's when I get upset that things aren't progressing the way I think they should be. When I remember it is to GLORIFY my CREATOR then I can sit back, relax and let Him do His job.

He wants me to trust Him, but not because I'm going to get something out of it (materially speaking). And, I don't mean to say that He doesn't delight in our provision and all the good stuff He puts in our lives. I just think He really rejoices when we take a step closer to looking more like Him, despite the culture that we live in pushing us in the opposite direction. And, I must admit I can get caught up in the "Me" worshipping when I start to meditate on my disappointments. Thankfully, it doesn't last as long as it used to and I anticipate the day I don't have to even deal with it. Other things start to take a backseat when I focus too much on how I think my life should be. I stop going to war over my children's attitudes and my family's salvation. That is a dangerous place to be. And, I don't want to go there anymore.

Thank God for new begginings!


Classic MaMa said...

Good girl! You keep on messing up those plans of the enemy!

Mirror, Mirror said...

Perseverance leads to greater holiness. You are doing a great job persevering! This is what makes our lives in Christ "More Than This." Keep at it girl!