Friday, May 18, 2007

My Dog Went to Live at Canine Club Med

Here I've been all week worrying that our dog who we found a new home for is pining away for us, not eating, just whimpering in a corner watching Dr. Phil and wondering when we are coming to rescue her.

Oh my word! Was I SO wrong!

We've gotten little doggie updates from the sweet people that took her, who also have 2 other female Dobermans (Abby and Brook). I'm copying today's letter so you can see firsthand what I'm talking about....

Hello from Bella,
Hi everyone I'm doing fine. I played ball with Abby last night we even retrieved and released to Mom, she just threw the ball. I was also helping Mom plant flowers I don't leave Daddy or Mommy get out of my site. Even the neighbor across the street noticed I'm in Dad's back pocket. Back to planting flowers I like to run in the flower beds and I'm told to get out and it is a fun game, to make mommy get up and chase me. I also, really, really like the hose, I drink right from the hose and when mommy is using the hose I make sure I'm able to get wet, I don't understand Abby and Brook run away, and I'm just having lots of fun. I like Frosty Paws, Abby did not finish hers so I helped her out, she and I even switched our breakfast this morning, Brook is the one I really have to be careful with she likes to eat both Abby's and my food. I learned that really quick. I'm outside and playing all the time. I stay in the yard, I have learned that I can be shocked if not. I like to watch the birds that go in out of the bird house, and those cows across are really big. In the evening they make there rounds that I stand on the front porch and just watch. All is well and I'll write to you later.

Can we just say for the record that when The Dog lived with us she was having a good day if she got a quick 20 minute walk around the block? Now, she's got a couple of acres to run around in and lucky for her she's a quick learner since they obviously have an electric fence. And, Frosty Paws? How cool is that?

You can imagine how utterly delighted I was to get this letter.

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