Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, #1!

At exactly 4:24 pm today my oldest, #1 turns eleven years old! I have watched this child grow throughout the years and every time I think back through her life one thought constantly enters my mind.... I gave birth to MYSELF exactly eleven years ago today!! Yes, this daughter of mine is the Christian version of myself at the same age. We like the same things, we think the same way and we are both "bossy pants" who never seem to be able to "mind our own beeswax". It's not shocking our birthdays are only 3 days apart, our favorite color is purple and we are bookworms (nothing too heavy or complicated, mind you). We both are a little lacking on the athletic gene (something her sisters must have inherited from their father and NOT us!) but we are social with a full plate of activities to look forward to most days. It is a blessing at times and a frustration at times to live with someone so much like yourself. With the exception of my passionate dislike of black olives there is nothing too different about us. Braces? Yup. Roller coasters? Love 'em. Catty girls? Hurt our feelings (we just can't seem to shake it off like #2 and #3 can). So, you can imagine combined with preteen angst who is one I could throttle some days. You guessed it! My dear #1.

I remember spending my 11th year with roller skates or my bike attached to me, still occasionally playing with dolls, and my friends were the most important part of my world. What #1 has that is better than what I had when I was a child is a heart that belongs to Jesus. She doesn't just talk the talk, I watch her walk the walk. While her struggles are very similar to mine (fear and control being the top 2) she is quick to pray and find her strength in the Lord. I've seen the Holy Spirit work on her heart and through her life. It is very normal to be sitting at Baskin Robbins or McDonald's and watch her go over and ask to pray for someone. Her heart is filled with compassion (unless you are an 11-year-old boy!).

So, happy birthday, my sweet #1. I am a blessed mama.


On Fire For Him said...

So cool. Happy birthday!

TCC said...

Happy Birthday #1!

Irritable Mother said...

My oldest, also a girl, will be eleven in two weeks!
Have you hit hormones yet?
Recently my daughter's pet mouse died. She came to me crying, saying through the sobs, "Mom, I'm crying because Elizabeth died, but I didn't cry when Samuel died. So I think that means I loved Elizabeth more than I loved Samuel." WAHHHH!
I wanted to say, "Oh, honey, that's just hormones!" But instead I just hugged her.