Saturday, March 24, 2007

Green Acres is the Place for Me

Every once in awhile I experience one of those "Mom of the Year" moments where I can pat myself on the back for a job well done. Well, the last 24 hours was one of those times. I surprised daughter #1 for her 11th birthday by taking her and her sisters and 3 friends to Green Acres Bed and Breakfast. I have now become their unofficial spokesmom and it is my job to tell you to pack an overnight bag and go there NOW! Oh my word! We had an amazingly great time.

We arrived at this beautiful stone farmhouse around dinner time just as our hosts we leaving. They told us to make ourselves at home, and we did. We had brought some subs and snacks and spread out at the huge farm table in the dining room after we explored the house. It was perfect. We had booked a room in the attic, but our hostess told us it was a bit chilly so she moved us to 2 adjoining rooms on the 2nd floor. Three words for our rooms: Little. Girl. Heaven. They were decorated in every shade of pink you can imagine with flowers, lace and dolls all over. Bunk beds, my friends. Pretty, pink, girly bunk beds.

Outside there were cats galore, goats and a wonderful dog named Bear who followed us around. There was a giant playhouse and a play barn with a loft. Inside were dress up Amish clothes (hence the serious faces in the pictures because according to our 11-year old Amish expert, the Amish don't smile for pictures). Ladies, at times it was so adorable I felt light headed with joy!! In these past weeks of GAS problems and the pressure of The Husband needing to find a new job this trip was just what my weary soul needed. When the girls were finally ready to come in last night we played hide-n-go seek in this huge house and it was so funny when we tried to keep scaring each other (I was hiding in the kitchen and threw a roll of Saran Wrap at them and let me tell you...those girls got some strong lungs!). After it was dark outside we hung out in the Victorian-style living room that felt like a museum. It was beautifully decorated, but had plenty to entertain the girls with. Sometime around 9pm another family staying there with a 2 year old and 10 month old came in and said hello. After lots of junk food and many games of "Piggly Wiggly" the whispers stopped around 11pm. I had as much fun playing as the girls did!

In the morning when we woke up (although, some of the precious dears in our party were up at 5:45 am) we had a fantastic home cooked breakfast that included waffles with homemade strawberry syrup, scrambled eggs, ham balls, potato and cheddar casserole and a cinnamon coffee cake with a candle in it for #1. Our host said a wonderful blessing over the food and I once again was overjoyed that the Lord led us to the establishment of a family that has a strong relationship with Christ. There was no need to worry about the video stash in the living room....nothing above a G rating. After breakfast our host took the kids on a wagon ride and to collect eggs from the chickens. They would've got to play with the goats, but it was a mud pit. Instead, we rode bikes (from the 1950's I think), including a bicycle built for 2. We ended this wonderful trip with hot dogs at Sheetz because it is my personal belief that every child's birthday party should include hot dogs at some point. For all of you healthy people....don't worry ....I gave them fruit, too.

And, to top off this wonderful 24-hour slice of heaven, GAS is home! The Husband went to pick her up just as we were leaving for our trip yesterday. She is doing well and is very happy to be home! Thank you so much for your prayers.


Mom In Action said...

what a great place! how in the world did you find this kid paradise? definitely will keep in mind for future family excursions.

like your spruced up blog. clicked over and thought I had the wrong place.

Classic MaMa said...

I am so glad that you got to get away! Sounds like #1 had a great memory.