Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Waxing Poetic....

It's spring......sigh....I mean, IT'S SPRING!!! I was just outside trying to locate my recycling bin (you never know where it will turn up after trash day) and I was caught in a lovely (and, I mean glorious) spring rain shower. As I breathed in the semi-warm air I could almost feel new life being birthed around me. I felt encouragement wash over my soul like this sweet, spring rain. After finding the recycling bin I still didn't want to go back inside. I just wanted to take it all and be grateful for new beginnings. I must admit, without winter I'm not sure I would rejoice over the coming spring. Can't the same be said about our lives, too? If not for the trials and the storms in life, would we really appreciate the blessings when they fill our cups to overflowing? I think about the cruise we took a few years ago....when we got on the ship we were blown away by the food and the service. I mean we "ohhhed" and "ahhhed" about every 3 minutes the first 2 days on the ship. But, after that we started to expect that kind of treatment and while it was enjoyable, it was no longer as exciting. By the time we got off the ship, I was so overfed and understimulated I wasn't sure that I would ever go on another cruise again! In just one week, all the things that I thought were wonderful were no longer appreciated. I certainly don't want to go through life being unappreciative because everything works out just perfectly for me every time. I'm not sure that we can mature that way.

But, back to spring.....there seem to be changes all around me. Three of my friends are moving to different parts of the country (all in the next week!) and my good friend, Biker Babe is falling in love (ahhhh). Also, I have great hopes of The Husband changing jobs soon to something more befitting a man of his experience and handsomeness (okay, maybe his good looks should have nothing to do with where he'll be working, but the man is gorgeous!). I smell the promise of tomorrow in that fresh spring air.

Spring isn't even my most favorite season. Wait until you hear me go on and on when it is summer. I mean, SUMMER!!!!


CampHillGirl said...

Hey, Melissa, welcome to the blogworld. And to a new springtime in life! Look forward to seeing more. --Rachel B.

On Fire For Him said...

I am positive that I got out of any sort of funk, when spring hit here! Suddenly I had more hope and joy!

I love spring!

Thrills said...

Hey, Melissa! It's about time you join the blog world. I am so excited.

Those couple days of spring that we had gave me so much joy and then it snowed again. I then went back into my funk.

Praise God that it is looking more like spring now. I need it.


Irritable Mother said...

Hi Melissa,

Mom In Action said to come check out your blog...I'm so glad I did!!!
I read through all your posts and look forward to you writing more. What's that MIA said about you? That you ooze Jesus? Yes. I can see that!
Thanks for sharing.